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My favorite number is 79.

—8-Ball (A New Stage In The Game)

        8-Ball is a recommended character who appeared in "A New Stage In The Game".


8-Ball is more of a floater than a contributor. There is nothing special that he has done, but his favorite number is 79.


8-Ball is fairly large and round with an 8 at the top. He is completely a shiny shade of black. The eight is surrounded by white. He originally bore a striking resemblance to 8-Ball from Battle for Dream Island, but his design was changed in 2021 to avoid confusion, making his body now 270 degrees rotated, and as shown in his and Dictionary's poses in the anniversary image, he seems to be like a magic 8-ball now.


8-Ball made his first appearance in Episode 5.5, given the chance to join. However, in Episode 6, he fails to join as he loses the paintball contest.


  • 8-Ball's favorite number (79) is actually a hidden joke, as from 1-10 eight is between 7 and 9, remove eight from 789 and you get 79 (8-Ball's favorite number).
  • There is an 8-Ball in Battle for Dream Island that is quite similar to the 8-Ball here, allthough that 8-Ball doesn't have a favorite number.
    • His design was later changed so that people don't mistake him for said 8-Ball.
      • 8-Ball's 2017 appearance reuses BFDI 8-Ball's IDFB-onwards asset, but like mentioned before, it was changed to an original asset to avoid confusion.