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""A New Stage In The Game""
Season 1, Episode 5.5
Original airdate September 1, 2011
Episode chronology
"The Stacker"
"War De Guacamole"


We find out where the contestants go to after being eliminated. Paper starts to show signs of anger while Baseball reads a book about where babies come from. Meanwhile, the producer of the show isn't ready for the next episode, so MePhone hosts a contest where ten fan-created characters would have a chance to join the show.


The episode begins in the imprisoned island called Idiotic Island, where the eliminated contestants are located. Paper is complaining about the fact that he is stuck there, Baseball is reading a book on Where babies came from, and Lightbulb crashes into the caged island and shatters.

Meanwhile, MePhone4 receives a phone call from his producer, Adam, who says they aren't ready for the next challenge, because they still need to reach 1000 lbs of guacamole for the challenge. So instead, MePhone4 reveals the 10 fan-created competitors that won the contest and had a chance of joining the show.

The rules of the contest was that a personality was to be provided (the more details, the better), no cloned competitors (example: Evil Marshmallow, Robot Balloon), no human or animal-like competitors (example: Nick-Le), and no competitors from other dimensions (example: Spongy from BFDI).

10 New Recommended Characters

The 10 competitors were revealed in this order:

  • TV created by MarioLuigi3128
  • Apple created by TotalDrama23
  • 8-Ball created by TheBombDigityShis
  • Bell created by BlueLucario98

MePhone4 then explains that in the next episode, the recommended competitors will compete for a spot on the show.

The episode ends with Apple asking Dictionary what the definition of what an "apple" is, and Dictionary responds with the answer: "An apple is an idiotic fruit with a very low IQ." Afterwards, the viewers are told that there is no voting period, and that perhaps they could vote in the next episode.


  • Adam Katz is the real creator of Inanimate Insanity.
  • TV, 8-Ball, Dictionary, Bell and Spikey Mervert were all recommended characters on Battle for Dream Island.
  • Although Teddy Bear is referring to a stuffed animal, she is still technically animal-like. This could have been the loop-hole that got her on.
  • Bubble makes a cameo.



  • When the episode begins, Baseball doesn't have his book until he starts speaking.
  • Poptart is rectangularly horizontally shaped with no arms, but his "profile picture" shows him vertically shaped with arms.
  • Before Lightbulb crashes into Idiotic Island, Baseball's eye is on the ground instead of his face.
  • Paper has no mouth until he starts speaking. At the same time, Paper appears as his old design until he speaks.


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