Bow hitting Apple with a chair.

This article focuses on the interactions between Apple and Bow.

Episodes Suggesting A Friendship:

In Double Digit Desert, when Bomb invites everyone (including Apple), Bow doesn't object to his decision.

In Aquatic Conflict, when Apple finds a shark in the water, Bow is seen in the next scene in the place of Apple, attacking the shark. This may be because Bow was trying to protect Apple and Marshmallow.

Episodes Suggesting A Conflict:

In Aquatic Conflict, when Marshmallow and Paper play catch, Bow suggests to Marshmallow to throw the ball at Apple, calling her a "stupid kiwi". Apple denies this, not believing that Marshmallow would play sports, and then gets hit by the ball. Bow smiles as Apple moans in pain.

In Inanimate Smackdown, Bow votes for Apple to be eliminated, saying she is sick and tired of her, while Apple votes for Marshmallow. Since Marshmallow ends up eliminated in the tie breaker between the two of them, Bow surely developed all the more hate for her ally's rival. During the challenge, Bow and Apple faced off in the Round 1 battle. Apple then points out that Bow is a "two inch pink ball," and sarcastically says she's horrified. Bow then snaps her fingers, receives a chair and hit's Apple with it, digging her into the ground.

In A Kick in the Right Direction, Apple scorns Marshmallow for wanting Bow to return after her death in the finale, and notes that Bow was a "disgusting and annoying menace". She urges Marshmallow not to confront MePhone4 about Bow's return.

In Let 'Er R.I.P., while Marshmallow lets out her feelings about Apple to Ghost Bow, she appears not to be interested in the slightest. After Bow abruptly disappears, Apple reveals her true hatred towards Marshmallow, who orders Bow to throw Apple out of the mansion. After a few seconds of silence, Bow eventually throws her out. It is possibly speculated that Bow may have possessed Apple to make her say the terrible things about Marshmallow.


  • Most of the problems between Apple and Bow are revolved around Marshmallow and her friendship with them.
  • Bow apparently does not know what an Apple is, as she calls her a kiwi, a lemon, a guava, a pomegranate and a kumquat.
  • Both Bow and Apple debut in the middle of the game.
    • Because of this, neither of them are in the theme song for Season 1.
    • However, Apple was in the title sequence of Season 2.