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HEY! There's something LIVING inside there! Are you out of your mind?!

—Fan, "Cooking for the Grater Good"

Baby Shimmers are newborn alien creatures that are part of the Light Shimmer species.

Prior to hatching in "Hatching the Plan", the Baby Shimmer remained as an inanimate egg found on Mars by Apple in "Marsh on Mars" and was primarily fostered by Fan and Test Tube. In "Mine Your Own Business", the egg began to crack and was placed in sole ownership of Test Tube.



The egg was a small and round light green egg. The zig-zagged stripes covering the egg are a slightly darker green with smaller white zig-zags underneath.


After hatching, the egg's overall design remained virtually the same, except for a large jagged hole in the center of the egg where two white eyes of light energy peer out. The bottom of the egg has also broken off, allowing light energy to pour out.


MePhone4 questions where the egg came from.

The Alien Egg was originally discovered on Mars in "Marsh on Mars" by Apple, who mistakenly interprets that Marshmallow had become the egg. Apple takes the egg back to the island, where she discovers that Marshmallow is safe. MePhone4 questions where The Bright Lights got the egg, but immediately disregards it. Despite MePad's warning, Fan announces that he will keep the egg for company.

The egg is not seen again until "Cooking for the Grater Good", where Lightbulb attempts to break it open to use as protein for her pizza, although Fan quickly snatches the egg back from her.

Fan screams at Lightbulb when she wants to make the egg an ingredient for her pizza.

In "A Kick in the Right Direction", Fan carries the egg with him as he yells at MePhone4 about Bow's absence, noting that he didn't want his egg to hatch into a "subpar Bow-less season".

In "Everything's A-OJ", Test Tube can be seen running tests on the egg during "Keep On Cleaning". Later, Paintbrush grabs the egg in a fit of fury and threatens to break it, but they ultimately change their mind. They accidentally trip and drop the egg, but Test Tube saves it at the last moment. Fan expresses his gratitude to Test Tube for saving the egg and shuns Paintbrush for their rash actions.

In "Theft and Battery", the egg travels with The Bright Lights to Meeple Headquarters, where Steve Cobs takes an interest in the egg. Fan debates giving the egg to Cobs but eventually decides not to. Cobs forcefully attempts to take the egg but is distracted by the stolen battery. Fan and The Bright Lights escape Meeple Headquarters safely with the egg.

In "Mazed and Confused", Fan gives the egg to Test Tube before the challenge and asks her to keep it away from Lightbulb, in fear that she may break it. Test Tube maneuvers through the maze while talking to the egg and quickly avoids various lasers and flamethrowers. She successfully protects the egg till the end of the maze and returns it to Fan.

In "Mine Your Own Business", the egg begins to crack, which begins to worry Fan, who doesn't want the egg to crack. Throughout the episode, the egg continues to crack more and more. After Fan fails to complete the challenge in time, Test Tube demands she takes the egg and claims Fan is untrustworthy to keep possession. Fan is eventually eliminated and the egg is left with Test Tube. . .

In "Hatching the Plan", the egg begins to emit loud noises as it becomes closer to hatching. The egg, along with Fan, is abducted onto the Egg Spaceship where it begins to glow and float into the air, eventually hatching into The Baby Shimmer.

In Other Media

The Alien Egg is analyzed by Fan in his second blog, appropriately titled An Eggscellent New Entry, where he mentions "the stripes (on the egg) look eerily similar to the mountains on the island!"



  • The stripes on the Alien Egg greatly resemble the zigzagged hills in the backgrounds.