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Bomb votes for Balloon to be eliminated.

This article focuses on the interactions between Balloon and Bomb.


Balloon and Bomb's relationship interestingly evolves over time. In A Lemony Lesson, when Balloon kicks Taco into the tree, Bomb states that this was kind of a harsh thing to do to Taco. He later mentions how that Taco can only speak French and some other words, which leads to Balloon angrily declaring that they are "so doomed".

In One-Shot Wonder, Balloon discusses with OJ and Bomb how Marshmallow popped him and how it is unbelievable. Balloon states that if he gets two idiots, then corrects himself to friends, to help him watch his back, that he could form an alliance with them. Bomb asks what a "shmalliance" is? Balloon repeats, slightly annoyed, that he said "alliance". Bomb happily says "O-o-oooohhhhh" and then asks what an alliance is. Balloon explains that an alliance is when a contestant takes advantage of two complete losers and then corrects himself by saying that it means they're friends. OJ says that he guesses that they can be in an alliance, although they both really don't understand Balloon's angle. Later, when Balloon asks for help from OJ and Bomb, they are seen ordering Chinese food over the phone and ignoring him, still not exactly understanding how an alliance is supposed to work. Balloon sighs and ignores them as well for the rest of the episode.

In Sugar Rush, when the contestants get to choose who to eliminate, Balloon chooses Salt and Salt and Pepper choose him. He asks his alliance for help, but OJ confronts him, apologizing for going against the alliance, but saying that he's a jerk, and votes for him. Bomb agrees, stating that he votes for Balloon, and laughs with an evil grin on his face. Balloon yells in anger, "OH, C'MON!", and ends up being eliminated. OJ later discusses Balloon's elimination with Bomb, saying he's happy that Balloon is eliminated since he was so bossy, which Bomb agrees to. Although their alliance was affected, so Pickle and Taco are let in.

In Double Digit Desert, when Bomb wins the crossing the border challenge, he also wins a trip around the earth. He excitedly invites everyone but Balloon, "cause he's fat".

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