Salt explains that no one likes Balloon.

This article focuses on the interactions between Balloon and Salt.

Episodes Suggesting A Conflict (All)

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Balloon tries to threaten Salt.

In A Lemony Lesson, while Pepper suggests to Balloon to pick Salt, he decides not to, calling her several mean names, and choosing Bomb instead.

In One-Shot Wonder, Balloon stated that they needed to test out the slingshot to make sure that it was safe, and chooses Salt to be the test dummy. When Salt denies, Ballon says she has to, otherwise they'll eliminate her. After she reluctantly decides to go, Balloon ends up tripping and launching her into the gorge.

In Sugar Rush, when the contestants get to choose who to eliminate, Balloon decides to pick Salt. Salt is surprised and asks what she ever did to him, and angrily votes back to him, along with the rest of her team.

In Breaking The Ice, when Balloon if confirmed for joining Season 2, Salt is shocked that he actually says something other than archive lines. After Balloon explains his reasoning, Salt explains that no-one likes Balloon, even to the point that the newly introduced Toilet hates him as well.