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Avast, trespasser's on me turf! Did the Mephone ask for them?

        Bandana is a female contestant on Inanimate Insanity Infinity in an alternate universe, who makes her debut in "Alternate Reality Show". She is voiced by Madeline Landry.


Bandana is a salmon-colored kerchief with a lighter-colored intricate pattern on her fabric. The pattern contains flowers and squares. Aside from her general idle, she has a golden tooth.


Bandana is a pirate explorer who seeks adventure, as well as screen time. She uses a pirate-like language and has a somewhat rash nature, but overall enjoys partaking in fun and mischief with other Infinity characters like Kumquat and Hay Bale.

As a competitor on Inanimate Insanity Infinity, Bandana is defensive and cautious of others appearing on the show, as they are threats to take attention away from her.


  • The character might be based on the one that appeared on Treasure Time, a hand-drawn animated short created by Adam Katz.
  • Speaking of Treasure Time, the voice actress of Bandana (Madeline Landry) voice acted a character who's trying to get to the treasure in that short.
  • She may have an influence on Lightbulb's pirate outfit in "Mine Your Own Business".