"Ding! ... uh yeah."

A New Stage In The Game



Bell is a recommended character who appeared in "A New Stage In The Game". She is voiced by Adam Katz.


As her name states, Bell is bell-shaped. She is grey with dark grey stripes - one large stripe towards her top and two smaller stripes at her bottom. She has a rectangular handle at the top of her head. Between her legs is a clapper that can hit either side to make noise.


  • Bell is the first armless female ever shown on Inanimate Insanity.
    • Although Taco was initially the first armless female, she later revealed to have arms in "Aquatic Conflict".
    • If Bell had won the paintball contest, she would have been the first armless female contestant instead of Suitcase.
  • There is a Bell on BFDI/BFB, except she's different.