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A New Stage In The Game



Bell is a recommended character who appeared in "A New Stage In The Game". She is voiced by Adam Katz.


From her only debut, Bell is very kind and is willing to make alliances with new people. She even has been nice to Teddy Bear one time.


As her name states, Bell is bell-shaped. She is grey with dark grey stripes--one large stripe towards her top and two smaller stripes at her bottom. She has a rectangular handle on the top of her head. Between her legs is a clapper that can hit either side to make noise.


  • Bell is the first armless female ever shown on Inanimate Insanity.
    • Although Taco was initially the first armless female, she later revealed to have arms in "Aquatic Conflict".
    • If Bell had won the paintball contest, she would have been the first armless female contestant instead of Suitcase.