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Millions have fallen into my dark abyss...

—Alternate Reality Show

Black Hole is a male character and the elimination portal in Inanimate Insanity Infinity in an alternate universe, who makes his debut in "Alternate Reality Show". He is voiced by Christopher Schaaf.


Black Hole is a mysterious character with an overall gloomy disposition. Receiving very little attention on Inanimate Insanity Infinity, Black Hole thinks he deserves more than others, who seem to ignore him.


Black Hole is a dark black vortex with a purple disc surrounding him that spins. When Black Hole speaks, his darkness appears to glow.

Elimination Portal

During Test Tube's elimination in "Alternate Reality Show", it is revealed that Black Hole is used as the elimination portal for the Infinity contestants.

When a contestant is eliminated, they can choose between two options. The first is to enter Black Hole and be permanently eliminated. The second option is to enter a smaller Pink Hole, which would take them back to choose between the two options again, essentially causing a never-ending chain that would eventually end with Option 1.

It is suggested that many other objects, possibly previous Infinity contestants, have been victims of elimination. Kumquat notes that Test Tube falls into the category of "those ones", suggesting that there were others who were eliminated.

In a live stream, Inanimate Insanity crew members confirmed that contestants from Season 1 of Inanimate Insanity have been eliminated, and therefore, reside inside Black Hole. Following the events of "Alternate Reality Show", Salt is the only contestant to fall into Black Hole on-screen and disappeared.


  • Black Hole has stated that he only receives 5% of the screen time when compared to contestants like Thermos, Frank, Shell, and many others.
  • Black Hole is the third motive of elimination. The first is the Fist Thingy and the second is the Rejection Portal.
    • Black Hole is the first contestant to function as a motive of elimination.