• AzokoLoko

    Hello. As the title reads, I found something intresting while I was surfing on XanyLeaves' DeviantArt. When I was checking out his activity (Right over HERE), I found this little ditty...

    ...don't see it? Here, let me point it out for you.

    Those 3 titles on top say "II SCRIPT". For those that you don't know, II means "Inanimate Insanity". Sadly, clicking on that takes you to an error page.

    Would it mean:

    • Niall posts scripts on DeviantArt early
    • It's an improved script of II
    • Or the II crew is on it's script stage, not yet on it's animation stage.

    Well, I didn't see the script for myself, sadly. What are your guesses why Niall did this?

    EDITARRINO (4/13/14, 13:40 Army Time) - Ok, I checked in Xany's profile comments just about know, and a object memb…

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