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What's the use. Nothing I say matters... nothing matters...

—"Stranded in Paradise"

Blueberry, labeled The Blue, is a male contestant in Inanimate Insanity Invitational. He competed on the Blue Team before he was eliminated. He is voiced by Barry Strum.


Blueberry is shown to have little to no self confidence, and is quite pessimistic, apathetic, and lazy. He is likely an introvert, being revealed when he arrived at Indefinite Island. He thinks of himself as an optimistic person who helps other people be their best.

Official Site Bio

Who can make the sun rise? Who can brighten up your day? ... well, not Blueberry. No one can suck the joy from a party faster than our little cynical blue friend! It’s only occasional that Blueberry can look up at the clouds and find a silver lining. And then complain that the lining is more of a sad grey... and that it’s in a gloomy storm-cloud... and it’s pouring... and now he’s drowning... and- oh, why bother?

—Inanimate Insanity Site, 2021


Blueberry is a navy blue blueberry with arms and legs. He has white facial features which are usually in a frown.

Vote Status

Episode EP # Votes
"Stranded in Paradise" 1 3 votes (Eliminated)
Total: 3 votes


  • Blueberry was the first contestant to be eliminated in Inanimate Insanity Invitational and the first eliminated on The Sinkers.
    • Blueberry was also the first contestant to receive an Exit Interview, wherein he was interviewed post elimination.
    • Due to being eliminated first, he’s the only season 3 contestant who doesn’t have any votes for immunity.
  • In Blueberry's Exit Interview, he revealed several things about himself:
    • He likes Paintbrush, does not like Goo, and does not mind Test Tube.
    • Box is his favorite because he's silent, and Blueberry would also choose Box to be on Indefinite Island with for the same reason.
    • He likes eating raisins.
    • He enjoys baking.
    • He sees himself as an optimist and everyone else as pessimistic, although the complete opposite is true.
  • Blueberry is the only contestant who is a fruit in Season 3.
    • This makes him the only fruit contestant who is also not red.
  • Blueberry and Yang are the only contestants on Inanimate Insanity to have white facial features.

The Sinkers
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Current: BalloonBoxNickelTea Kettle
Eliminated: BlueberryLifering