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Bow, labelled The Forgotten, is a female character on Inanimate Insanity. She debuted in "The Snowdown" starring in a commercial for Chairs, and unexpectedly joined the game in "Double Digit Desert". In "Journey Through Memory Lane (Part 2)", Bow was killed off the show permanently, unrecoverable by MePhone4, and thus, did not make a return for Inanimate Insanity II, turning into a ghost living in Purgatory Mansion in the episode "Let Er' R.I.P.". Despite her demise, Bow has inexplicably returned alive and well in Inanimate Insanity Invitational and currently competes as a member of The Pinkers. She is voiced by Taylor Grodin.


Bow is a bubble gum-pink hair bow with eyelashes, she also has feet and regular arms attached to the bows sides. Her centre is round with the bows ends being sharp, similar to a triangle.

When she became a ghost, she becomes semi-transparent, and her sides become ragged. Her legs have been replaced with a ghost tail.

As of "Inanimate Insanity Invitational" Bow is back to her normal form with the difference being her taffy pink colour scheme, small curved eyelashes, more rounded body and had her arms placed at her center's sides.


Introduced as a random saleswoman for chairs, Bow is an enthusiastic yet stubborn attention-seeker with a hankering for stardom. Her persistence for attention earned her a spot on the show, much to MePhone4's chagrin. With her unexpected start up, Bow showcased her rather ditzy characteristics, particularly her exuberant spirit and lack of general intelligence.

Bow might resemble a typical modern teenage girl, saying "like" and "totally", wearing makeup, and texting on her phone constantly. Additionally, Bow is quite simpleminded and usually misinterprets others' words, most often MePhone4's. Disregarding her intelligence, Bow is a kind and sympathetic contestant who will always run to the aid of her friend Marshmallow. She is, however, an exceptionally aggressive player who often does better than others at challenges.

When locked up in a box after her elimination, Bow's isolation caused her to manifest a feral and ferocious state. She eventually grows strong enough to break free of her box and attacks others in "Journey Through Memory Lane", and almost attacks Marshmallow.

She is eventually cured of her feral state with the re-introduction of a chair, though she immediately loses interest. Her violent state is brought out one last time in order to take down MePhone5, leading to her permanent death.

After her death and conversion to a ghost, Bow's desire for attention becomes destructive for herself and her best friend Marshmallow. She takes upon cruel actions, such as possessing, manipulating, and lying to others, in order to boost her personal outlook. Bow believes that being on the show boosts the quality and perception of characters and, in turn, gives them a better chance to be friends with players such as Marshmallow. Without the show, she claims, she is nothing.


Bow has become notorious for her obsession with chairs. The self-known chair enthusiast would constantly advertise her chairs in almost every sentence, even if it didn't pertain to whatever conversation was occurring. She would even go as far as advertising chairs in "The Snowdown" and telling viewers that voting for her to join the show would earn them a chair.

Bow's obsession with chairs appears to also have granted her the ability the power to call upon them at random times. She uses them with shockingly experienced levels, as seen in "Inanimate Smackdown" when she defeats Apple in the arena with a chair. However, chairs can also be seen as her weakness, most notably in "The Great Escape", as they cause her to lose the "MePhone Says" challenge.

However, after she recovered from her violent and demented state, Bow realized that chairs were "so last year", and ended her obsession by smashing her chair into the bleachers. Additionally, in "Let Er' R.I.P.", Bow destroys a chair in Purgatory Mansion, potentially for the same reason. She seems to have shifted her obsession of chairs to an obsession with her own ghost tail.

In "The Shame of the Name", Bow can no longer comprehend the word "chairs" and seems to forget the word altogether.

Powers And Abilities

  • Enhanced Durability: Bow can seemingly survive multiple hits from The Fist Thingy which can launch contestants all the way to Idiotic Island.
  • Chair Utilization: Bow is seemingly able to spawn chairs out of nowhere, and even wield them as weapons as seen in "Inanimate Smackdown".
  • Heat Resistance: In "Stranded in Paradise", Bow launches into the air to escape Boaty's explosion while on fire, though once she lands on the beach, the flames seem to not affect her, as she survives the fire completely.

As a Ghost

  • Levitation: As a ghost, Bow is able to fly or levitate in the air.
  • Possession: In "Let Er' R.I.P.", Bow is able to possess inanimate objects, like tables or chairs, as well as contestants like Apple and Baseball and control them. In "Kick the Bucket", it is revealed that Bow controls them using marionette-like strings. Any actions used or words said by Bow will transfer to the character possessed. If she is distracted, however, the possession will end.
  • Invisibility:Bow is able to turn herself invisible and not be seen by other characters.
  • Intangibility: Bow is able to pass through walls and other objects with ease.
  • Sound Shockwave: Bow can produce loud sound waves by roaring, strong enough to send Microphone hurdling out of Purgatory Mansion.
  • Size Manipulation: Bow can grow or shrink to different sizes, as seen when roaring at Microphone.
  • Telekinesis: In "Snow Bow", Bow is able to levitate snowballs without touching them.
  • Teleportation:Bow, can seemingly teleport around purgatory mansion.


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  • Bow noticeably is the only contestant who visibly has eyelashes.
    • She, however, was missing her eyelashes once she became insane, but regained them after becoming a ghost.
  • Bow is the shortest and smallest competitor.
    • Her size was revealed to be 2 inches tall by Apple. Though this could be invalid, as Apple could've been sarcastic, merely estimated her size, or stated an incorrect size.
  • Bow is the only non-contestant and non-recommended character to be put up for voting.
    • She is also the only non-contestant and non-recommended character to win a contest.
  • Bow, Apple, and Dough are the only three contestants to join a season late.
  • Bow was the only character to have never appeared in an intro until the 3rd season, where she was added to the Inanimate Insanity Invitational intro.
    • This would apply to Apple and Dough, however, both of them were added to the Inanimate Insanity II intro.
  • Bow has shown slight skill in using the lasso, though apparently not enough to capture others in "The Great Escape".
  • Bow is the second character to appear in a commercial, after Cheesy.
    • This makes Bow the first and only female to appear in a commercial.
  • Bow was hit approximately 5 times by the Fist Thingy in "Double Digit Desert", making this the record for the amount of Fist Thingy punches in one episode.
    • She also holds the record for being hit the most by the Fist Thingy with 8 punches.
  • Bow's voice is based on Shane Dawson's impression of Paris Hilton, as confirmed by TheTGrodz in the Inanimate Insanity Secrets video.
  • Bow was confirmed in TheTGrodz's Inanimate Insanity Secrets that she was originally going to be yellow.
  • Due to her shape, viewers commonly misidentify that Bow is a piece of candy.
  • Bow is one of the two characters that have won only one challenge in Inanimate Insanity (S1), the other being Paper.
  • Bow and Dough are the only contestants who have died permanently on the show, though only in Season 2.
  • Bow made a cameo in Object Universe Episode 11, revealing that Ice Cream is actually eggs.
  • In the "Tri Your Best", an invention is seen on the shelf of Test Tube's lab called the "Bow-in-nator". It is unknown what this machine does, but fans speculate it might bring Bow back to life.
  • Bow is the only female character to be voiced by Taylor Grodin.
  • Bow is the only Season 3 contestant voiced by Taylor Grodin who is not on The Thinkers.
  • From October 20th, 2017, to October 31st, 2017, Bow took over the AnimationEpic twitter account.
  • According to her Instagram, she might check out this wiki. It is unknown if this is canon or not.
  • Bow has an Instagram account, where she posted the photo taken of Marshmallow in "Let Er' R.I.P.".
  • It is currently unknown how Bow returned to life in Season 3, as she was unrecoverable in Season 2.
  • Bow is one of two Season 1 contestants to return in Inanimate Insanity Invitational after not competing in Inanimate Insanity II, the other being OJ.
    • This was the longest time a character has returned from, after being voted out 18 episodes ago and 9 years ago.
    • Coincidentally, they are both voiced by Taylor Grodin.


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