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"Bow's Box" was a small metal box that its function was to prevent Bow from rejoining the game after her elimination. She was locked in immediately after her elimination in The Tile Divide.

Though only appearing a few episodes before the finale, this box took a large role in the storyline, as once Bow was captive inside, she became feral and mentally insane. This led to her attack against Taco during the finale challenge and inadvertently causing OJ's victory.

The box appears only to be slightly larger than Bow herself, with a tough metal that was durable for the many times she banged against it from inside in The Penultimate Poll. However, once became fully insane, she was able to punch a hole through the side, and rip her way out.

The box also had an episode of Enanimat Ensanetay named after it, called The Bow Box Pizza Partay 5. In it, the box plays a minor role, as Lightbulb asks Paintbrush if they think there is pizza within the box.


  • The box has a strikingly similar appearance to the Tiny Loser Chamber from Battle for Dream Island.
    • Its functions are virtually the same as well.
    • The picture of Bow's box is the same of BFDI's TLC, but without the writing
  • Although Bow broke out of her box in The Penultimate Poll, Marshmallow was able to find an exact copy of it to lock Bow back up towards the end of the finale.
  • Bow is the only contestant to be trapped in a box when she is eliminated, as the others are trapped in Idiotic Island, not a box.