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Box, labeled The Box, is an actual insentient contestant on Inanimate Insanity II. He is placed with The Grand Slams.

Box currently competes as a contestant on Inanimate Insanity Invitational in The Sinkers with some other contestants.


Box is not shown to have a personality, since he is not alive. Despite this, other contestants treat Box as it were sentient, often speaking to and for him or seeing his silence as shy, wise, emotional or rude depending on the situations.

Trophy is the only character to call out the cardboard material's lifelessness prompting everyone else to defend the inanimate object. Despite that animosity both teamed up in The Participation Trophy were it's also revealed Box idolizes Trophy and "mimics his exercise regimen" using it to swiftly (offscreen to the viewers) navigate the kiddie pool obstacle course earning Trophy's respect despite both of them also losing to Team Cinnamonfinity.

Even though Box seemingly moves sometimes, it's been stated multiple times Box is not a very good swimmer sinking rapidly in any body of water being rescued by Lifering and Yin-Yang.


Box has a simple appearance that accompanies his rather plain and nonexistent personality. He is an ordinary rectangular cardboard box with four sides. A bump-like design runs along Box's sides and splits them into a lighter half above and darker half below. His top can be opened by two small flaps.

The inside of Box is completely empty, except for the written word "box", which Apple notably misreads as "Taco".

Official Site Bio

Box is a box.

—Inanimate Insanity Site (2013 and 2018)


Click here to view the coverage of Box
Click here to view the coverage of Box.


Despite Box's elimination in "A Kick In The Right Direction", Box has appeared multiple times throughout the series in the form of background cameos:

In "Let 'Er R.I.P.", Box appears under one of the tables.

In "Theft and Battery", Box appears three times, once behind a counter as Lightbulb mentions knowing "a guy", once inside a glass showcase as Steve Cobs yells at Soap, and finally on a computer screen as Microphone talks to Steve Cobs.

In "Mazed and Confused", Box can be seen hiding behind bushes when Lightbulb is about to be with Fan as her partner.

Vote Status

Season 2 Episode Name EP # Votes
"Cooking for the Grater Good" 4 739 votes
"A Kick in the Right Direction" 5 1,442 votes (Eliminated)
Total: 2,181 votes

Season 3 Episode EP # Votes
"Stranded in Paradise" 1 0 votes
"Snapshot Showdown" 3 0 votes
Total: 0 votes


  • On the official site, Box's biography is intentionally vague, hinting Box's simplicity and mysteriousness.
  • Box is the first limbless and faceless character to compete on Inanimate Insanity,the second being Black Hole.
  • Box first appeared in the "Roger That" trailer at the end, in the picture with Paintbrush, Yin-Yang, and Baseball, being stood on by Yin-Yang, becoming the fourth person revealed in Inanimate Insanity II.
  • In AnimationEpic's video "Inanimate Battle 2", Taco was in Box, as a joke. It also refers to the fact about what was inside Box, and when Apple opened it, she thought it said Taco, but it turned out to be a mistake since Knife corrected her with it saying Box.
  • In the credits of Breaking The Ice, it says that Box is voiced from Derek Napolitano, because of the secret line is made in that episode.
  • As stated in the description of "The Best of Box", Box was originally never supposed to be a contestant, but he became one when Derek and Adam were laughing at the idea of just making a cardboard box a character. Soon Taylor, Brian, and everyone started to love the idea and think it was hilarious, causing him to become an official contestant.
  • As revealed on the new Inanimate Insanity Site, he "enjoys transcending time and space."
  • Box is able to talk, even though the viewer can't hear it. This explains why he was able to speak into the microphone in the court case in Everything's A-OJ.
  • Box is the lowest-placing armless contestant in Inanimate Insanity II.


The Grand Slams
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Members: As of II12: Baseball (c) • KnifeMicrophoneSuitcase

Eliminated: NickelBalloonSoap (cc) • CheesyDoughBoxTrophy

The Sinkers
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Eliminated: BlueberryLifering