The Cacti Desert is a large vast desert, home to many cacti on The Island. It became involved with Inanimate Insanity when the contestants had to cross the border in Double Digit Desert.


The Cacti Desert is full of many cacti, as stated by it's name. The cacti in the desert are extremely thorny, as touching it would make one stuck permanantly. As many trees talk along the island, a few cacti in the desert can talk. In the middle of the desert, there lays a pool of quicksand, which would cause one to sink. Tyler Bungard, the Cacti Desert Monster, is the only inhabitant of the Cacti Desert, who will commonly go around drinking the pools of quicksand. While the desert appears dry and arid, an ocean is nearby, which is used for the next challenge.


  • When seen on the map of the island in the finale, the desert only appears to take up around 15% of the entire island.
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