This is the complete numerical list of all episodes of Inanimate Insanity. Other spin-off episodes and/or videos, such as Enanimat Ensanetay and Inanimate Insanity II T-Shirt Anniversary will not be listed.

Inanimate Insanity

  1. The Crappy Cliff
  2. A Lemony Lesson
  3. The Arena Of Death
  4. One-Shot Wonder
  5. The Stacker / 5.5. A New Stage In The Game
  6. War De Guacamole
  7. Sugar Rush
  8. 4Seeing The Future
  9. The Snowdown
  10. Double Digit Desert
  11. Aquatic Conflict
  12. Crappy Anniversary
  13. Inanimate Smackdown
  14. The Great Escape
  15. The Tile Divide
  16. The Penultimate Poll
  17. Journey Through Memory Lane (Part 1)
  18. Journey Through Memory Lane (Part 2)

Inanimate Insanity II

  1. Breaking The Ice
  2. Marsh on Mars
  3. Tri Your Best
  4. Cooking for the Grater Good
  5. A Kick in the Right Direction
  6. Let 'Er R.I.P.
  7. Everything's A-OJ
  8. Theft and Battery
  9. Rain On Your Charade
  10. Mazed and Confused
  11. Kick the Bucket
  12. Alternate Reality Show
  13. Mine Your Own Business
  14. Hatching the Plan

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