I have something that'll make you really cool! It's a chair!

—Bow, The Snowdown

Chairs are brown, wooden, chairs that Bow first advertises in a commercial in "The Snowdown". They later make reoccurring appearances throughout Inanimate Insanity alongside Bow.


Chairs are first advertised in a sudden commercial that appears midway through "The Snowdown". Bow states that she has something that will make you really cool, and it is a chair. She explains that you can sit on them, stand near them, and even dance near them, as well. She states that the chairs are super cool and once again says that it will make you really cool, too. Bow urges people to buy them now, as they have limited stock, and a numerous amount of chairs are shown.


Bow's Chair Commercial

Later in the episode when the eliminated contestants all get something to say to persuade the viewer to vote for them, Bow appears randomly after all of the eliminated contestants, even though she was never a contestant on the show. She tells people that if they vote for her, they'll get a chair, and a chair randomly falls down from the sky next to her. However, MePhone4 does not approve of this and has the Fist Thingy punch Bow away. Yet, MePhone4 tells viewers that they can vote for her to join the game anyway.

In "Double Digit Desert", Bow reaches the final two of people who will rejoin or join the game and says that everyone who voted for her will receive a chair. She then motions a chair to land next to her as she did in the commercial, but it does not fall down, leaving Bow looking around confused until it whacks her in the head. Paper then says threateningly that if Bow got more votes than him, he will put her in an electric chair. Bow gasps, and then asks if the chair will have cupholders. MePhone4 then goes on to reveal that the person rejoining or joining is Paper. An angry Bow yells, "NO!" and throws a chair at MePhone, who catches it and sits down on it, stating that it sure is comfortable. Bow then says that he'll have to pay for it, but is punched away by the Fist Thingy.

In "Aquatic Conflict", Bow uses a chair in an attempt to defend herself from the shark, but to no avail, as it promptly eats her.

In "Crappy Anniversary", MePhone4 is seen sitting on one of Bow's chair as he begins to explain the Crappy Cliff challenge.

In "Inanimate Smackdown", right before the elimination, Bow happily exclaims to the viewers to buy a chair. During the wrestling challenge, Bow calls upon a chair with a snap of her fingers, which she uses to knock down Apple and Paper and make it to the final round, only to be later beat by Taco.

In "The Great Escape", Bow sits on a chair during the elimination ceremony. During the "MePhone Says" challenge, MePhone4 gives a prompt to sit in a chair. Bow quickly jumps into one, leading MePhone4 to mention he didn't say "MePhone Says" prior. She angrily says she thought they were playing musical chairs and slams her hands down on the chair, accidentally breaking it, making her upset.

In "The Tile Divide", Bow is once again seen sitting on a chair during the elimination ceremony. When she is revealed to have been eliminated, Bow attempts to use her last chair to protect her from the Fist Thingy, which breaks the chair in front of her and punches Bow to Idiotic Island.

In "Journey Through Memory Lane (Part 2)", Marshmallow uses a chair to cure Bow of her savage state. Bow excitedly jumps up and hugs the chair, but immediately realizes that chairs are so "last year" and destroys it.

In "Let Er' R.I.P.", Bow, now as a ghost, possesses a chair and breaks it in front of Test Tube and Fan to try and scare them. Fan believes the chair was obviously alive and killed itself, while Test Tube thinks there's a black hole nearby.


  • Chairs are the third object to be advertised on Inanimate Insanity. The first being the CheeseCraft server with Cheesy, and the second being Rubber Balls.
  • It is unknown why exactly that Bow seems fascinated with chairs.
  • Chairs have also appeared several times throughout the series, yet in different forms. Cheesy had a chair in "Sugar Rush", which appears to look different from Bow's chairs.
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