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I could really help with English homework.

A New Stage In The Game



Dictionary is a recommended character who appeared in "A New Stage In The Game".


Dictionary is a rectangular book with two covers on either side. Many white pages are squeezed between the two covers. On either cover is a wave-like split design with turquoise-blue on their right, including the spine of the book, and green on his left. His appearance was similar to Book from BFDI, but his design was later changed to avoid confusion, now being red and dark blue, with the former being mostly filled up in the cover, and the latter just sticking right out on the top.


Dictionary is a smart and intellectual individual who has a large knowledge of words and definitions. However, it may be implied that Dictionary's definitions are heavily biased.


In "A New Stage In The Game", Dictionary appears as one of the recommended characters eligible to join Inanimate Insanity. He appears second-to-last in the audition and quickly tells the viewers that he can help with their English homework. Towards the end of the episode, Dictionary appears with Apple, who asks what the definition of "apple" is. Dictionary opens himself and shows the answer, "an idiotic fruit with a very low I.Q."

In "War De Guacamole", Dictionary partakes in the Paintgun contest alongside the other recommended characters. However, Dictionary is struck with fear as he witnesses Teddy Bear's rampage and comments that "she's... just... so...", but Apple completes his sentence with the word "weird?". Dictionary is then shot by Teddy Bear with paint and immediately explodes, consequently eliminating him from the competition.


  • Dictionary's definitions are as follows:
    • BFDI: An animated reality show on YouTube very similar to Inanimate Insanity.
    • Paper: The first ever eliminated contestant. He has minor anger issues and is friends with Knife... which I didn't think was possible but, whatevr.
    • Nickel: An anthromorphic Nickel with no arms. He is good friends with Baseball and is known for being a bit bossy, but many still like him.
    • Baseball : The second eliminated contestant. He is white with red seams on his sides. Many think of him as "shy and quiet."
    • Apple: An idiotic fruit with a very low I.Q.
    • Bubble: An anthromorphic bubble with a voice condition. It is apparently female but has the voice of a man with an unknown accent. She wins immunity a lot due to unknown favoritism of her to the creators of BFDI.
    • Firey: An anthromorphic fire. It has an animosity with Coiny. Honestly, I perfer Coiny over Firey, but whatevr, the fans are stupid.
    • Knife : An anthromorphic pocket knife that loves pulling pranks and gags on the other contestants. He is also the largest bully on the show.
    • Taco: Has mental issues because she -
      • Many words in Dictionary's definitions are spelled wrong, most notably "anthropomorphic" is misspelled as "anthromorphic" in each definition. "Prefer" is spelled as "perfer", and whatever is spelled as "whatevr".
  • Dictionary shares many ties with Book from Battle for Dream Island, as the two used to look nearly identical (although they're color swapped).
  • Dictionary is commonly mistaken for a female, most likely due to the Dictionary in Battle for Dream Island (now commonly known as Book) being female, and she was a heavy inspiration for the Inanimate Insanity Dictionary, but Taylor Grodin said that he is actually male.
    • Taylor made a blog post confirming this.