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Everybody should be green these days.

Nickel For Your Thoughts

Dime is a recommended alternate reality contestant in Fan's Fantastic Features. he was recommended and voiced by Matt Adams (AnimationMattAdams). He first appeared in The Participation Trophy. He was also a guest in Nickel For Your Thoughts.


Dime is a round coin-shaped character with two sides - heads and tails. His body, including his rims, is shiny silver. His face appears on the heads side, his arms are at the sides, and his legs are at the bottom.


Dime is very friendly and optimistic. He loves to recycle stuff, make good facts, and he is also a philanthropist. He likes to give members of his community tips on conserving water and electricity. He likes to make friends with other people (despite that Nickel is very jealous of him).


  • Dime is also a contestant in Battle For 1,000,000 Dollars. He has never been eliminated so far.
  • Dime was also featured in BFB 13-24 and TPOT 1 as a recommended character.