Dora Dolls were prizes given out at the elimination in "The Stacker". However, they became recurring objects due to Knife secretly keeping his.

In The Series


Knife and a Dora doll.

In Inanimate Insanity, Dora Dolls were introduced in "The Stacker" as prizes given to the safe players in replacement for the typical prize, cookies. Knife was the first player to receive a Dora Doll, as well as the only player that kept the Dora Doll in his possession, even when he was on Idiotic Island.

In Inanimate Insanity II, it is revealed that Knife still keeps his Dora Doll with him, as he is discovered sitting by a tree with it by Trophy in "Marsh on Mars", who promptly takes a picture to blackmail him. Knife agrees to do anything Trophy wants as long as the photo is not revealed to anyone. However, Trophy later revealed it to everyone.


Dora's Demise

ls the photo to the contestants in "Cooking For The Grater Good", although it is quickly dismissed as a simple way that Knife kept himself sane.

In "A Kick in the Right Direction", Apple references Knife's Dora Doll, and calls him a sissy, angering him greatly.

In "Let 'Er R.I.P.", Knife's Dora Doll is ripped to pieces by Bow's spirit form.


  • Dora dolls actually do speak Spanish And English, even though the Spanish they speak is inappropriate language.
  • Knife has been the only one to actually keep his Dora Doll.
  • Once appearing in Inanimate Insanity II, Knife's Dora Doll received a new design but spoke with the exact same audio clip.
  • Dora dolls are a reference to the Dora character from Dora the Explorer.
    • There is a reference to Dora in Battle for Dream Island as well.
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