Nickel: Hey Baseball! I wonder which one of us is going to rejoin the game!

Baseball: Well it's obviously not gonna be Balloon.

Balloon: HEY!!!

Paper: You're not rejoining! I'm rejoining.

Knife: Well,I think it's pretty obvious I am rejoining.

Nickel: YOU?! YOU GOT THE MOST VOTES EVER!! You're the last person here to rejoin!

Baseball: We all have an equal chance.

Lightbulb, Paper, and Knife: SHUT UP BASEBALL!

Baseball: Haven’t I been through enough?!?


MePhone4: Let's see which one of the will join the competition.

Bow: Alright! Coolness!

MePhone4: You're not a contestant Bow!


MePhone4: Fine, everyone! Hold on to something heavy!

Baseball: H-HEY! I am not that fat!

Lightbulb: Well, you are getting a little bit chubbier around the edges.


Bow: Aaaahhh-- *fall* Ha ha! That was awesome! Do it again!

Bow: [reused scream] *fall* Again!

Bow: [reused scream] *fall to elimination area*

[REJOINING TIME! Duh-duh!] That's a song?!

MePhone4: One of you is going to join the game.

Nickel: We know that, me-tard.

Knife: It's a shame that I get to look at that UGLY face again!

MePhone4: Knife! That's really rude!

Paper: Oh! He is the rude one? YOU locked us up in a cage for MONTHS!

MePhone4: Yeah, I did. Now, let's get to it! 386 people voted!

Paper: Let me guess. Knife got O!


Paper: Umm,no thanks?

MePhone4: If you didn't get enough votes, you will get egg'd and sent back to Idiotic Island. If you rejoin, you get a cookie! (not really)

Lightbulb: I mean, I guess that's fair?

MePhone4: Ok, is everyone ready?

Bow: Wait, *cute face* Yep!

MePhone: Now, the person with the least amount of votes was pretty obvious. Balloon received ONLY 10 votes, the least of everyone!

Balloon: WHAT?!? *splat* *clank*

MePhone4: Lightbulb, because your elimination was so recent, only 13 people voted for you.

Lightbulb: Aww! But do I get cookies again?

MePhone4: Why would we give-

Lightbulb: Please?

MePhone4: Okay, fine!

Lightbulb: Oh boy, what flavour?

MePhone4: Egg flavour.

*Slow Motion, and music from asdfmovie2, egg splats at Lightbulb, Lightbulb Falls while Balloon Still Falling*

Lightbulb: Woah!

MePhone4: Next with only 35 vote is... Baseball!

Baseball: What?! Well then I really need a new book, okay?

MePhone4: Don't worry. We got you a new one!

Baseball: Wow really? What is it?

MePhone4: *pulls out a book named "Twilight"* Twilight.

Baseball: What?! NOOOOOOOOOOhohohOOOAAAAH!

MePhone4: *throws book at baseball*

Baseball: *falls*

MePhone4: Now we're down to the final 5!

Nickel: Well, I just know I'm going to win!

MePhone4: Knife, you only got 37 votes.

Knife: Grrrrr! I'll be out soon, then we can have some more fun! *falls* AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Balloon: *still falling*

MePhone4: Pepper, your annoying attitude got only 43 voters to vote for you.

Pepper: *falls*

MePhone4: Now there are only three of you left! Nickel, with 56 votes, you also do not rejoin the game.

Nickel: What? Well at least nobody misspelled my name this time. heh.

MePhone4: Actually, more people misspelled your name than spelled correctly. We just knew to count it now.

Nickel: Seriously?!

Nick Le: *falls on top of nickel* I'm highly offended!

Nickel and Nick Le: *falls*

MePhone4: Now it's down to just the two of you. The physical flat, and the personality flat.

Paper: It seriously better be me!! How can you put Bow up for vote? She was never on the show!

Bow: But they did. So they all get chairs! *tries to grab chair but realizes she dosen't have one, chair falls on bow*

Paper: Okay, if you get more votes than me... I'M PUTTING YOU IN AN ELECTRIC CHAIR!!

Bow: *gasps* Will it have cup holders?

MePhone4: That's enough everyone. Okay, so the person rejoining or joining the game is... Paper! *bow with 95 and paper with 97*

Bow: No! *throws chair at mephone4*

MePhone4: *sits on chair* Man, this is comfortable.

Bow: You'll have to pay for that. *gets flung into a cloud* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Paper: Finally! I got out of there! *jumps and pops balloon*

MePhone4: Paper, why did you do that?

Paper: *lands and goes to his evil self* I swore that when I got out of there, I was going to kill somebody! And I keep my promises!

Apple, Marshmallow, MePhone4, and OJ: *suprised*

Paper: Oh... Sorry, I don't know what came over me...

MePhone4: For rejoing the most votes, 97, you get a gift! It's a piano.

Paper: What? You better not- *gets rekt by piano*

MePhone4: You are the final 9! Now the 10th contest can begin.

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