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Dough, labeled The Replacement, was a male contestant on Inanimate Insanity II, and the alleged big brother of former contestant Bow. He was placed on the Grand Slams after they won him in the competition but was immediately eliminated after being eaten by Yin-Yang. Like Bow, Dough is unrecoverable and resides as a ghost in Purgatory Mansion.


Dough is a golden-tan ball of cookie and pizza dough. His body is very squishy and can get messy on things easily.

After becoming a ghost, he became semi-transparent, and his legs were replaced by a moving ghost tail.


Dough is a bland and dull blob of apathy, which is curiously the opposite of his alleged sister Bow, who is notorious for her strong enthusiasm. Dough represents an inverse duplicate of Bow, as almost every aspect of his character is a diluted and tedious principle of Bow's.

Dough even mentions that his perspective is to "copy the past" and "never try anything different." Dough has a strange connection to rhyming as well, while his name itself rhymes with Bow, Dough was obsessed with stairs, bears, dares, affairs, and most likely anything else that rhymes with chairs.

While residing alongside Bow in Purgatory Mansion, Dough enjoys mimicking everything Bow does mere seconds after she does it. He still can be annoyed by Bow's constant attention desire, though simultaneously denying his own attention-seeking, which he, of course, mimics from Bow.

His own death caused by Yin-Yang, Dough now have a rather conscious outlook on himself, as he seems to be aware of his own pointlessness and will even possess non-living objects to find more meaning in life.

Official Site Bio

Have you ever wanted something so bad, and then you got something worse? Meet Dough! Intended as a Bow replacement, Dough does his best to express his own individual identity. Still, he can’t help but come across as a shameless knockoff, nothing more than a hollow and monotonous imitation of a dearly departed friend. So it’s a bit of an uphill climb for him to make a good impression. Nevertheless, while it’s impossible not to compare him to his alleged sister, Dough’s dry, deadpan attitude actually couldn’t be any more different - if only someone cared enough to notice!

—Inanimate Insanity Site, 2018


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Click here to view the coverage of Dough.


  • Many of Dough's aspects seem intentionally similar to Bow.
    • Both of their names rhyme.
    • Both of them like a signature object, though Bow has since lost interest in chairs, while Dough continues to enjoy things that rhyme with chairs. According to the Inanimate Insanity website, Dough is not interested in chairs themselves.
    • Both characters are voiced by Taylor Grodin.
    • Both characters have died, become unrecoverable, and reside as ghosts.
    • Both characters are generally unliked by MePhone4.
  • Dough's voice is based on a mixture of the voices for Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time, and Silver Spoon from SherclopsPones's Friendship is Witchcraft animations.
  • Dough holds the record for the shortest time as a contestant, with a mere 17 seconds before being eaten.
    • He is also the only contestant who did not participate in any challenges.
  • Dough appeared to be a pianist during Afterlife in The Limelight. However, as revealed in his character page on the Inanimate Insanity website, the piano was self-playing, and he merely claims to be a pianist.
  • According to the Inanimate Insanity website, Dough's life goal is to become a hamburger, as they apparently have more meaning than he does.
  • Dough is the first contestant to ever claim to have siblings, although this could be false.
  • Dough occasionally appears without his legs, though this is because his legs have been absorbed into his body.
    • Counting this fact, Dough is one of two contestants to be legless, the other being Box. Additionally, Spikey Mervert, a recommended character, is also legless.
  • According to the Best Of Dough video, Dough was based on the plot of the episode "Big Brother" from the television show Glee.
  • Dough and Fan are the only two contestants to be eliminated without receiving any votes.
  • Dough is the only Object Show character to have a sibling.
  • If Bow returned to life in Inanimate Insanity Invitational, it's unknown if this means that Dough got recovered too or not.


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