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Dr. Fizz
Marshmallow With A Bottle of Dr Fizz.png
Marshmallow with a bottle of Dr. Fizz seen in Kick the Bucket


Vending machine/ Purgatory Mansion Bar

  Dr. Fizz is a fictional brand of soda, sold in cans or bottles. Test Tube's secret laboratory is hidden underneath a vending machine that sells Dr. Fizz. 

It made its first appearance in Tri Your Best, when Yin-Yang is arguing about whether to buy water or the soda. It made its second appearance in Kick the Bucket, as Marshmallow and Bow sit drinking it while Marshmallow visits. It plays a larger role in Alternate Reality Show, when Lightbulb accidentally activates the time machine while trying to add up the prices of the Dr. Fizz cans she bought. Fan and Test Tube are also seen drinking it at the end of the episode. 


  • It is most likely based on Dr. Pepper, a cherry-flavored soft drink with a small amount of caffeine.