The Elimination Area is where contestants go for elimination or rejoining. The elimination area goes through many renovations throughout the series.
New Elimination Area


Ep2 Elimination 1

The first elimination area.

The elimination area has changed multiple times ever since The Crappy Cliff, when it first debuted as white casual raised platforms where the contestants would sit. MePhone4 would sit on the middle enlarged platform to hand out the prizes. It was first used in A Lemony Lesson. This elimination area style was brought back in Crappy Anniversary as a result of the anniversary and everything being changed back to the original style.


The second elimination area.

In The Arena Of Death, the elimination area was changed to a bench-like seat stretched around the middle platform where MePhone would stand. A large TV is also present and reveals the votes at most times. The contestant who is eliminated would be hit by the Fist Thingy, and sent to Idiotic Island.

Rejoining Time

The third elimination area.

In The Snowdown, MePhone4 redesigned the elimination area once again, now as a flying district of platforms connected to an outer frame. Contestants are able to arrive at this elimination area by a large springing platform that literally flings them into the sky and onto the platforms. The platforms are able to tip and drop contestants directly into Idiotic Island, rather than being hit by the Fist Thingy. Though there have been few exceptions.

Voting Booth

The Voting Booth

In Inanimate Smackdown, a voting booth was added for contestants to vote who they want to be eliminated, and the Fist Thingy was re-used. Although, this may have been due to the tiebreaker taking place outside of the elimination area.

In The Great Escape, MePhone changes the elimination area once again, now back on the ground, with one main platform where he stands, and several other platforms sticking out of the main one, depending on how many contestants are present. As always, a TV is attached to show the number of votes, and the Fist Thingy is back in use.

Inanimate Insanity II

In Marsh on Mars, a new elimination area was built for the new season. It consists

MePad and MePhone on the stage where elimination usually is.

of just a stage for MePhone4 and MePad and a set of bleachers for the losing team.

In Kick the Bucket, a second elimination area is introduced. It resembles the one in Survivor, with an area where contestants can vote for other contestants.

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