"Elimination Time!" is a song sung by Adam Katz, dedicated to the elimination portion of Inanimate Insanity also known as "Elimination Time!". The 3-second song features a logo with a simple and happy and jingle with the line "Elimination Time!". The song is very short, with the only lyrics being the contestants chanting "Elimination Time!" and another voicing singing "dah-dah!". It is typically heard right before Elimination Time begins, signifying the start of the elimination.

On one occasion in "Double Digit Desert", the jingle was modified for a contestant to rejoin the game, and temporarily renamed "Rejoining Time!".

In "The Penultimate Poll", eliminated contestants decided the fate of the elimination, prompting MePhone4 to temporarily change the name of the song to "Eliminated Contestant Elimination Time!".

The song was discontinued in Inanimate Insanity II but is sung once more by Salt and Pepper on Inanimate Insanity Infinity.


Original Version

Multiple Contestants: Elimination Time!

Rejoining Time Version

Multiple Contestants: Rejoining Time!
Dah-dah! ...
Extra Voice: That's a song?!

Eliminated Contestant Elimination Time Version

MePhone4: Eliminated... Contestant... Elimination... Time...

Infinity Version

Salt and Pepper: Elimination Time!
Pepper: Ba-doop!


  • The song is not used for Inanimate Insanity II, as MePhone4 expresses that he thinks it sucks.
    • On the contrary, Balloon states he enjoys the song and can't wait to hear it in "Cooking For The Grater Good", much to his disappointment when he discovers that it's not being used.


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