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Lightbulb, The Bow Box Pizza Partay 5
Enanimat Ensanetay
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United States of America




April 1st, 2012


April 1st, 2013

Created by

Tuhelor Grodin

Prequel [unofficially]

Inanimate Insanity
Inanimate Insanity II

  Enanimat Ensanetay was a parody spin-off series of Inanimate Insanity. The series premiered on April 1st, 2012 with Teh Awsum Sammich, in order to fool the viewers who were awaiting the 12th episode, Crappy Anniversary, which came out later that day. It was created by Taylor Grodin, the co-animator of Inanimate Insanity. The series has so far had 3 "episodes".


Paper and Bow in Teh Awsum Sammich.

An entire joke within itself, Enanimat Ensanetay is an April Fools series that was created simply to troll, or jokingly fool, the viewers. The series crudely depicts the characters of Inanimate Insanity in a low quality environment. The scenery is poorly drawn, and the characters all have distorted voices, whether being strangely low pitched, or incomprehensible, all voiced by Taylor. Occasionally, random words or pictures will flash along the screen. Although the timeline of Enanimat Esanetay remains separate from that of Inanimate Insanity, the Inanimate Insanity timeline does seem to affect the timeline of Enanimat Ensanetay, as characters eliminated in Inanimate Insanity appeared on Enanimat Ensanetay's Idiotic Island, as well as showcasing OJ winning the million.

According to Taylor, the first Enanimat Ensanetay took him merely 10 minutes entirely to create it. All of the original Inanimate Insanity contestants except Balloon, Pickle, and Taco have appeared one the farce. (MePhone4 being the only character to make an appearance in all three episodes). Interestingly, the spelling is on the original title card is different from the spelling of the actual videos.


Icon # Episode Title Date Time
Teh Awsum Sammich S1 E12

Teh Awsum Sammich

04/01/2012 1:01
The Bow Box Pizza Partay

S1 E17.3

The Bow Box Pizza Partay 5

10/07/2012 0:55
Raip Face.jpg S5 E1 Tis Cabbage... and sum Pasta 04/01/2013 2:19
  • Notice that S stands for Season and E stands for Episode.

While they may not seem like episodes, the videos of Enanimat Ensanetay are labeled as regular episodes. As most series start on the first episode, Enanimat Ensanetay starts on its 12th episode (labeled "twelf"), as it mocked the 12th episode of Inanimate Insanity before its release. Ranging from less than a minute long to slightly under 2:20, the so far three episodes have been released once on the same date as Inanimate Insanity Crappy Anniversary, once randomly between Episode 16 and 17, and the day before the first episode of season 2.

"Elimination Table"

Place Contestants S1E12 S1E17.3 S5E1
TBA Baseball D. E17.3 SAFE SAFE
TBA Nickel D. E17.3 SAFE SAFE
TBA Lightbulb D. E17.3 SAFE SAFE
TBA Paintbrush D. E17.3 SAFE SAFE
TBA Pepper D. E17.3 SAFE SAFE
TBA OJ Debuts in S5E1 SAFE
TBA Marshmallow Debuts in S5E1 SAFE
TBA Apple Debuts in S5E1 SAFE
TBA Knife Debuts in S5E1 SAFE
TBA Yin-Yang Debuts in S5E1 SAFE
13th/14th Cabbage Debuts in S5E1 OUT
13th/14th Pasta Debuts in S5E1 OUT
15th Bomb OUT R. in S5E1 OUT
16th Bow SAFE DIED P. E.


  • Words are spelled incorrectly in the title of each episode.
  • Yin-Yang is the only Season 2 newbie to appear in Enanimat Ensanetay.
  • All the episodes are used to “troll” users waiting for the upcoming episodes.
  • The software used to make the episodes are Microsoft Paint and Windows Movie Maker 6.0.