Gamey is the host of Object Overload who made a cameo as a guest star in "Cooking for the Grater Good" and "Theft and Battery".


Gamey is an electronic handheld gaming system and appears similar to a Gameboy Color. His body is dark forest green, and his screen is pastel lime-green. He has two circular red and cyan buttons on one side, and a light gray d-pad on the other.


Gamey first appears alongside Window and Puffball Speaker Box in Cooking for the Grater Good as guest judges for the pizza contest. He first tried the Grand Slams' pizza, but noticed a daffodil in his slice, courtesy of Suitcase, and then noted the taste of disinfectant. Though he didn't enjoy the pizza, he gave a score of 5 after forgiving Suitcase's mistake.

Once it came to the Bright Lights, all three judges, including Gamey, thoroughly enjoyed Lightbulb's Cookie Pizza. Gamey remarked how he loved the shredded chocolate and gave an absolute 10. After the Grand Slams lost, Cheesy jokingly poured a bucket of water on the judges, causing Gamey, MePhone4, and PBSB to short out. Then Window laughed at Cheesy because Window isn't electric.

After that, someone threw a hammer at Window, resulting in a big crack. He and the other judges then escaped. Later at the end of the episode, Gamey carpools with Window and PBSB in Window's car.

in Theft and Battery, Gamey makes a brief cameo once again in Meeple Headquarters after an off-screen voice causes the camera to pan to Gamey sitting at a computer, though he redirects the camera to the right person. He also appears in the background running away while the alarms go off.



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