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Well darn tootin'! Giddy up partners!

—Hay Bale, "Alternate Reality Show"

Hay Bale is a female contestant on Inanimate Insanity Infinity in an alternate universe, who makes her debut in "Alternate Reality Show". She is voiced by Madeline Landry.


Hay Bale is based on the stereotypical country girl, complete with farm-hand slang and a noticeable country accent. She has a hefty appetite for pie and is quite bold and fearless, as she enjoys juggling chainsaws with Lightbulb as shown during "Just Like Me!".

As a competitor on Inanimate Insanity Infinity, Hay Bale is energetic, rather goofy, and one-dimensional, who loves to get attention at all costs. She is easy to humor, as she cracks a laugh at Lightbulb despite not saying a joke.


Hay Bale appears as a round bale of hay, having a light brownish-yellow hue. She also has two bands of maroon rope tied around her, which resemble the straps of overalls.


  • Hay Bale, along with Frank, was originally created as a contestant on Inanimate Insanity II but was eventually scrapped.
  • In "Just Like Me!", Hay Bale can be seen eating pie. This is a reference to an old concept of season 2 where she (and Lightbulb) won a pie-eating contest and became the captains of the teams.
  • Hay Bale's voice sounds similar to Sugar from Total Drama Pahkitew Island.