Inanimate Comics is a webcomic series in the Inanimate Insanity series, featured on the show's Twitter account and official website.

The comic started on July 8, 2020 with "Complaints", after being announced[1] the day before. There is currently four issues, with the official website saying "More comics coming soon!" Comics are planned to release once a week.[2] The comics are created by CakeBrunch.

The comics are considered "Level 2 canon," where "they can be considered canonical unless there’s any contradictions made in the actual series"[2] if they ever need to contradict the comics for the main show,[3] according to CakeBrunch and Justin Chapman.

The project started in late June 2020 when CakeBrunch was approached by Justin[4] (presumably Chapman) because the crew liked a comic he made of Pickle and Taco.[5] They wanted to commission him to make Inanimate Insanity comics in a similar style. CakeBrunch was worried about ideas and his art style but Justin said the crew was all for his stylization and gave him lots of ideas to work with.


Issue # Title Description Release date # of pages
1 "Complaints" Paper is tasked with managing the complaints desk at Hotel OJ for a day. Can he handle it? July 8, 2020 4
2 "Art Class" Welcome to Paintbrush’s weekly art classes, where they say: “creativity is a fire within you, let it BURN!” 🔥

Some students bring skill, some bring personality, and some…. well… they have their secrets.

July 22, 2020 3
3 "Butterflies" Wait-- Yin & Yang finally get along on something? How could this be?! An accomplishment this grand calls for some fun! And Cherries has the perfect idea... July 29, 2020 3
4 "Letters" Balloon knows that it’s hard to feel welcome after starting off on the wrong note. Maybe it’s time to write a new one! August 19, 2020 4
5 "Everything's About-OJ" They say that no one knows you better than you know yourself...HA! It sure sounds like they never met Fan! Behold as the master of all things trivial faces his challenger: OJ! September 9, 2020 3



"Complaints" is Issue #1 of Inanimate Comics and was released on July 8, 2020. It is the first Inanimate Insanity comic. It is the first piece of Inanimate Insanity media since "Mine Your Own Business" and is the first appearance of many characters in years.


OJ was going to hold a complaint desk at Hotel OJ, but forgot he had something to do then. He asks Paper to cover for him, so Paper listens to various characters' complaints. Cheesy, Trophy, Tissues, Soap, Salt, and Nickel complain to Paper. (Box appears at the desk in makeup, but doesn't speak.) OJ returns to the desk, and Paper folds over onto the desk from exhaustion.


  • Each character that complains to Paper complains about the character in the following panel on pages 2-3.
    • It is implied that Box complains to Paper about Salt, who is assumed to have applied the makeup.
  • Pepper appears behind Salt.
  • Bomb is mentioned by Soap and Balloon is mentioned by OJ, but they don't appear.
  • Pickle appears sitting on a couch in Soap's panel. He is playing the same video game he was playing in "Everything's A-OJ".
  • Cheesy makes a pun on "bon voyage" with "bon fromage," with "fromage" being French for "cheese."
  • In the background of Box's panel, Soap and Pickle are playing Leo's Motel 2, an in-universe game in the short Uneven Evan, which was created by Adam Katz. This is a reference to Soap's official website page, which states she is striving for 100% completion in Leo's Motel 2.[6]
  • The pencil and pen in the cup on the complaint desk resemble the designs of Pencil and Pen from Battle for Dream Island. Pencil has previously appeared in the series in "The Arena Of Death".
  • "Complaints" had the untied record for the longest comic at four pages until "Letters" tied it.

Art Class

"Art Class" is Issue #2 of Inanimate Comics and was released on July 22, 2020.


Paintbrush leads a painting class, with Salt and Pepper gladly modelling. Balloon, Soap, Nickel, and Yin-Yang try painting. (Trophy is attending but isn't shown trying.) Paintbrush judges how the paintings are going. When they arrive at Box's painting, they are astounded, as Box has already made a terrific and realistic painting of Salt and Pepper.


  • This is Paintbrush and Yin-Yang's comics debut.
  • Balloon appears for the first time in the comics after only being mentioned previously.
  • Because of Paintbrush, Yin-Yang, and Balloon, this comic has made everyone in the logo appear.
  • The Cherries appear in an art piece in the background, making their comics debut.
  • Nickel's name is erroneously spelled as "Nickle" in an art piece in the background, in reference to Nick Le.
  • An art piece in the background features Balloon in his original intro pose from the first season.
  • CakeBrunch's original draft for where Paintbrush holds their art class was based on a Minecraft recreation of Hotel OJ he never ended up finishing.[7]
  • The description on the YouTube Community tab omits the fire emoji and second paragraph.


"Butterflies" is Issue #3 of Inanimate Comics and was released on July 29, 2020.


In Hotel OJ, the Cherries ask Yin-Yang how finding something they both enjoy is going. Yin-Yang says they've been catching butterflies, which gives the Cherries an idea for a prank. Outside, they put butterflies in a jar behind a bush and tie string around the lid. Trophy is seen trying to take pictures with his camera. The Cherries tell Yin-Yang to pull the string, which releases butterflies in front of Trophy. Yang is enraged and says it was a terrible prank, but the Cherries clarify it was supposed to be a nice, polite prank. They said they pranked Trophy by scaring him, but now he still has something to take pictures of. Yin-Yang concedes it was fun catching the butterflies.


  • This is the first time the Cherries were main characters in the comics, after making their comics debut in an art piece in the background in the previous issue.
  • After Issue #2 released, Justin Chapman said he'd be upset if he couldn't call Issue #3 canon[3] when responding to a question on the comics' canonicity.
  • The URL on the website was changed to once the next issue, "Letters", released, with them both saying "3" at the top. Clicking the back button on "Letters" went to Issue #2, "Art Class". They were quickly changed to the normal URLs and numbers.


"Letters" is Issue #4 of Inanimate Comics and was released on August 19, 2020.


At Hotel OJ, Balloon start writing a letter and slips it under everyone's door. Pickle groans at the letter, thinking it's from someone else, until he sees it's from Balloon. Pickle, Pepper, Salt, Bomb, and OJ read Balloon's letter. (Nickel was given a letter, but he stares at it annoyed as he has no arms to pick it up.) Balloon apologizes for his past actions in the letter, trying to make amends. He starts to have regrets about sending out the letter, until Pickle offers to play video games him him and Bomb. Balloon starts to have fun with the rest of the residents. Oj offers Balloon to be in a picture with them, and Soap takes a picture of the Team Chickenleg members.


  • This is the first comic where Bomb appears. He was first mentioned in "Complaints".
  • Pickle plays a role in the comics for the first time in this issue after only appearing in the background before.
  • The lightbulb in Balloon's thoughts has a similar design to Lightbulb, making it the first reference to a currently-competing contestant.
  • Balloon wrote "Oh c'mon" in his letter, a phrase he use often in earlier episodes.
  • The video game controllers are similar to those for the Nintendo Gamecube, and have previously been used in Hotel OJ.
  • Six of the nine (originally eight) members of Team Chickenleg pose at the end. Bow, Paper, and Taco are the only ones not in the photo.

Everything's About-OJ

"Everything's About-OJ" is Issue #5 of Inanimate Comics and was released on September 9, 2020.


Test Tube goes to ask Fan what he's doing. He says that he's writing some II trivia pages and is working on OJ's. Paintbrush suggests talking to OJ, saying that he could help with the trivia. Fan dismisses it, saying that he probably knows more trivia about OJ than OJ himself, with OJ listening in and disagreeing. Paintbrush and Test Tube then hold a competition between the two to compete on who knows more trivia about OJ. Fan wins by a landslide and Paintbrush crowns him the OJ trivia champion. However, this is interrupted by Salt, who challenges Fan, much to Fan's shock and OJ and Paper's dismay.


  • This is Test Tube, Fan, and Microphone's comic debut. However, Microphone appeared as a background character.
    • This makes Test Tube and Microphone the first contestants to appear in the comics after being eliminated from Inanimate Insanity II in an episode since the comic started.
  • The title is a reference to the episode name "Everything's A-OJ".


This was the announcement for the series on the show's Twitter[1] on July 7, 2020, with slightly different announcements on the YouTube Community tab and on Taylor's Tumblr blog[8] the same day.

"🌟 Introducing: Inanimate Comics! 🌟
  A new series of webcomics featuring your favorite #InanimateInsanity characters! "

"Our first comic will be launching tomorrow, created by @cakebrunch!"

From the official website:

"We are excited to introduce Inanimate Comics, a new line of webcomics featuring our characters from Inanimate Insanity!"


  • No characters still competing in Inanimate Insanity II have physically appeared in the comics yet.
    • However, a lightbulb with a similar design to Lightbulb appeared in "Letters", the first reference to a currently-competing contestant.
  • In Inanimate Comics, Yin-Yang's body has Yin on the left side and Yang on the right side, more like the yin-yang symbol or taijitu in real life. This makes his body rotated about 90 degrees clockwise from his design in the show.

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