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Inanimate Insanity II (also known as Inanimate Insanity 2) is the second season of Inanimate Insanity, which was released on April 2, 2013, which was the same month Inanimate Insanity, the predecessor, began. Just like last season, the show is an animated competition series on YouTube. It began with 19 anthropomorphic objects, competing for yet another 1 million dollars. It will have 16 episodes by the time it ends[1].

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Pre-Release Information

On June 3, 2012, Adam Katz officially confirmed the second season of Inanimate Insanity on the official YouTube channel. The second season was confirmed in a video concerning II's summer hiatus and the T-shirt contest.

On September 8, 2012, Adam posted an update on Season 2 showcasing the four eligible entries from the T-shirt contest. The viewers were allowed to vote for which character should join Season 2 until October 1 and they were to choose from Banana, Rubber Ball, Yin-Yang, and Guitar.

Also, during that time, Baseball, Yin-Yang, and Paintbrush were confirmed as season 2 contestants, while Bomb and Taco were confirmed to not compete in Season 2.

According to a Facebook post, Inanimate Insanity has stated that a new female contestant needs a clean design, which can be inferred to be Soap.

Season 2 Date!!!.jpg

In one of AnimationEpic's real-life trailer videos, a picture of Paintbrush, Baseball, and Yin-Yang standing on Box are seen at the end for a quick moment, with the words "Coming April 2013", officially confirming the release date. This video also confirmed Box as a contestant, although it was created to deceive viewers that Box was simply an ordinary cardboard box.

On February 1, 2013, Marshmallow was confirmed to be in Season 2, according to the fifth episode of Ask Adam. It was also stated that two more characters have been revealed, one in a miscellaneous video, and the other in a previous episode. Microphone was been spotted in "Journey Through Memory Lane (Part 2)" in the corner. Box may also be considered to be the character revealed in the miscellaneous video, as he was shown in "Roger That", but was mistaken for an ordinary cardboard box.

On March 1, 2013, a teaser trailer for season two was uploaded, which confirmed Cheesy for Season 2. Fan and Nickel also appeared in the trailer but were not acknowledged for confirmation.

Tissues's silhouette in TheTGrodz's icon.

On March 17, 2013, it was announced on the official II Facebook page that the first two minutes of Episode 1 would be released at ObjectCon.

At ObjectCon on March 30, 2013, the first two minutes of Episode 1 was shown, and two characters were accidentally revealed, Box and Suitcase.


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Everyone in the intro.


*These characters are currently competing in the season.


*This character is currently competing in the season.
**This character joined the season after the competition started.

Non Returning






These characters were originally going to be in Season 2 but were eventually scrapped. The following descriptions are in Taylor Grodin's "Inanimate Insanity Secrets" video at 1:12.

  • Chip - A French Fry, but called "Chip", like in England. Had an English accent, but hated being called French Fry.
  • Hot Sauce - Spoke only Spanish, kind of like Baguette speaking French from BOTO.
  • Game Boy Color - An old-timer, didn't have a clue where he was. It would have a similar appearance to BMO from Adventure Time.
  • Pearl - Stuck-up and full of herself, wanted to be treated like royalty.
  • Hay Bale - Western and proud, slightly dim-witted, however.
  • Frank - A Hot Dog, his name is short for "Frankfurter", and acted as the "Cool Guy".
  • Goggles - The beta version of Test Tube. Full of "sciencey" stuff.
  • Textbook - A BIG nerd. Snorted and said many things that no one cared about.

Hay Bale and Frank eventually appeared in the show, debuting in "Alternate Reality Show". Their personalities and appearances matched their original concepts.

List of Episodes

14 out of 16 episodes have been released.

Number Name Release date
1 Breaking the Ice April 2, 2013
2 Marsh on Mars May 2, 2013
3 Tri Your Best June 25, 2013
4 Cooking for the Grater Good August 23, 2013
5 A Kick in the Right Direction November 2, 2013
6 Let 'Er R.I.P. February 2, 2014
7 Everything's A-OJ September 20, 2014
8 Theft and Battery February 12, 2015
9 Rain On Your Charade August 2, 2015
10 Mazed and Confused June 17, 2016
11 Kick the Bucket December 23, 2016 (Part 1)
February 4, 2017 (Part 2)
March 25, 2017 (full version)
12 Alternate Reality Show January 14, 2018
13 Mine Your Own Business November 10, 2018
14 Hatching the Plan August 1, 2020
15 II 2 - 15 TBA
16 II 2 - 16 TBA
  • The release date of "Tri Your Best" was first June 2, then June 12, then July 2, but finally released a week early on June 25.
  • The release date of "Cooking for the Grater Good" release date was first September 2, 2013, but was uploaded early on August 23.
  • The second part of "Kick the Bucket" was planned to be released on January 6, 2017, but was delayed until January 13. It was delayed again, to be released in late January. It was finally released on February 4, 2017.

Elimination Order

See also: Elimination Tables

Participant Team Status Placing Merging
Tissues The Bright Lights 1st Eliminated in Marsh on Mars 20th Pre-merge
Cherries The Bright Lights 2nd Eliminated in Tri Your Best 19th
Trophy The Grand Slams 3rd Eliminated in Cooking for the Grater Good 18th
Box The Grand Slams 4th Eliminated in A Kick in the Right Direction 17th
Dough The Grand Slams Debut in A Kick in the Right Direction
5th Eaten in A Kick in the Right Direction
Yin-Yang The Bright Lights 6th Eliminated in Let 'Er R.I.P. 15th
Apple The Bright Lights 7th Eliminated in Everything's A-OJ 14th
Cheesy The Grand Slams 8th Eliminated in Theft and Battery 13th
Soap The Grand Slams 9th Eliminated in Rain On Your Charade 12th
Balloon The Grand Slams 10th Eliminated in Kick the Bucket 11th
Nickel The Grand Slams 11th Eliminated in Kick the Bucket 10th
Marshmallow The Bright Lights

12th Disqualified in Alternate Reality Show

Paintbrush The Bright Lights 13th Eliminated in Alternate Reality Show 8th Post-Merge
Fan The Bright Lights 14th Eliminated in Mine Your Own Business 7th
Microphone The Grand Slams 15th Quit in Hatching the Plan 6th
Test Tube The Bright Lights 16th Eliminated in Hatching the Plan 5th
Knife The Grand Slams Final 4 TBA
Baseball The Grand Slams Final 4 TBA
Lightbulb The Bright Lights Final 4 TBA
Suitcase The Grand Slams Final 4 TBA

Team progression

Box is eliminated. Dough debuts, but is eliminated later in the same episode.

Team Members
Bright Lights Logo.png Lightbulb2018Icon.png YinYang2018Icon.png Apple2018Icon.png Marshmallow2018Icon.png Paintbrush2018Icon.png Fan2018Icon.png TestTube2018Icon.png
Lightbulb Yin-Yang Apple Marshmallow Paintbrush Fan Test Tube
Grand Slams Logo.png Baseball2018Icon.png Knife2018Icon.png Suitcase2018Icon.png Cheesy2018Icon.png Soap2018Icon.png Balloon2018Icon.png Nickel2018Icon.png Microphone2018Icon.png
Baseball Knife Suitcase Cheesy Soap Balloon Nickel Microphone

Marshmallow is disqualified and the teams merge. Paintbrush is eliminated.

Lightbulb2018Icon.png Fan2018Icon.png TestTube2018Icon.png Baseball2018Icon.png Knife2018Icon.png Suitcase2018Icon.png Microphone2018Icon.png
Lightbulb Fan Test Tube Baseball Knife Suitcase Microphone

Test Tube is eliminated and Microphone leaves the show.

Lightbulb2018Icon.png Baseball2018Icon.png Knife2018Icon.png Suitcase2018Icon.png
Lightbulb Baseball Knife Suitcase

Contestant Reactions

In "Marsh on Mars" of the second season, Tissues is eliminated with 700 votes, and Apple in a close second with 554 votes. He then blames it on his "condiShAWn", and sneezes himself into the Rejection Portal.

In "Tri Your Best", the Cherries are eliminated with 974 votes, with Yin-Yang coming in second with 878 votes. The Cherries, then, admitted that they sent Marshmallow to Mars, and was then pushed in by Yang.

In "Cooking for the Grater Good", Trophy is eliminated with 1,945 votes, with Box coming in second with 739 votes. Trophy denies that he has been eliminated, despite watching the results. Cheesy then cracks a joke, as Trophy questions that he lost to inanimate cardboard box. He then steps on Box, as Suitcase calls him a monster. Knife then kicks Trophy into the Rejection Portal.

In "A Kick in the Right Direction", Box is eliminated with 1,442 votes, as Soap comes in second with 1,102 votes. Soap then exclaims that the "last piece can't be that bad", but spits it out moments after eating the piece. Suitcase then states that she will miss Box. Meanwhile, Nickel sarcastically says that Box was helpful before asking what kind of Box he was. Paintbrush then says that he was a Cardboard box, and says to Nickel: "Can't you tell?" Lightbulb then tells Paintbrush that Box can be whatever it wants to be. Apple then states that she will open the box, before Lightbulb telling Apple to be careful. Apple opens the box and states that there was a taco. However, when Knife opens the box, all he sees is the word "Box" scribbled with pink font. Apple then says that she was close. Afterward, MePad then kicks Box into the Rejection Portal.

In "Let 'Er R.I.P.", Yin-Yang is eliminated with 1,859 votes, with Paintbrush in second with 946 votes. Paintbrush then dodges the pumpkin, as Yin-Yang have their little argument in emotions after watching the results. They then apologize to the contestants for all the trouble they had caused. This was interrupted as their argument takes a twist, and they fight to the Rejection Portal and is eliminated.

In "Everything's A-OJ", OJ sues MePhone4 after he crashed his plane on OJ's apartment in "Breaking the Ice", and for sending the eliminated contestants to his closet without his consent. MePhone4 then denies this and says that he wouldn't hurt a fly, only to kill one moments later. Later in the courtroom, Paper defends the plaintiff, whereas Toilet defends the defendant. Moments after commencing, the judge then asks for the speech from a witness. The crowd and judge then tear up. The judge then says that he's never been so moved by a testimony. He then claims the sentencing for "unlawful detention, imprisonment, and a freaky portal that the defense claims just randomly opened one day". MePhone4's original sentencing was 1 hour in jail but was then increased to a day after Toilet splashed the judge with water. Soon after, OJ takes over and looks at his script. They then do the elimination. Both teams said that they won the challenge, and so, OJ picked one to be eliminated. After MePhone's return from the slammer, MePad revealed the results, and Apple is eliminated with 2,045 votes, while Paintbrush was second with 791 votes.

In "Theft and Battery", Cheesy is eliminated with a record of 2,605 votes and Balloon comes in second with 768. To which he decided to start becoming funnier (which Microphone said was better than him going back to doing commercials.) However, before he could finish his first non-pun, he is whacked into the Rejection Portal by Toilet.

In "Rain On Your Charade", After a long, intense pause, Soap is eliminated with a new record of 2,663 votes with Nickel in second at 1731. Soap had a blank-ish yet shocked reaction. She then at first starts saying it "was a mistake", but switched to a short speech about forcing people to do something and listening to your heart, then she walks backwards to the Rejection Portal.

In "Kick the Bucket", Balloon is eliminated by 5 contestants including himself. Suitcase said she was so unsure of herself. However, MePhone4 surprised Nickel announcing that it was a double elimination, which shocked Baseball. Nickel revealed that Balloon voted for himself and then says his final words before getting launched into the portal by Toilet. Suitcase and Balloon then say their final goodbyes to each other, and then the latter goes to the portal, leaving Suitcase to cry.


  • Instead of using Anime Studio, all animators are using Adobe Flash for Season 2.
  • Bomb was removed due to his speech disorder being viewed as offensive.
  • Taco is the only Season 1 Contestant who has not re-appeared at all in Season 2, until "Rain On Your Charade".
  • A scavenger hunt was set up by AnimationEpic for the fans to complete to find out a season 1 character in season 2.
    • This video was eventually erased by the user "Post DeDe".
      • A while later, TheTGrodz uploaded a video revealing that the character was actually Paintbrush, confirming them officially for Season 2.
  • While Baseball was unofficially confirmed in an Ask Adam video, he was officially confirmed to be in season 2 in Paintbrush's confirmation video, as "+ Baseball.", which appears at the very end of a split second.
  • Marshmallow was the first female contestant confirmed to be in Season 2.
  • There are no blue and purple contestants.
  • Last season, all armless contestants were on Team Epic, and now they are in The Grand Slams.
  • Ironically, almost all the members of Team Epic, except Paper joined Season 2, while Balloon was the only member of Team Chickenleg that joined.
  • This is the only season to not have a rejoin.
  • This is the first season where no characters from BFDI have appeared as minor characters.

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  1. The team is currently producing and airing Season 2, which will consist of 16 episodes[1]