The commercial that the "It's A Ball" song plays over

The Rubber Ball Song is an acapella-style auto-tuned song that first appears during the commercial in War De Guacamole. The commercial voiceover person asked if the viewers were bored, and then introduced them to the rubber ball.

A song sung mainly by Brian Koch then plays over a red rubber ball over a spinning yellow background with white stripes. The rubber ball also moves around along with the song.

Then, the commercial cuts to a zoom on the rubber ball on a grassy area while the song continues under the voiceover which sounds like Adam that informs viewers that it's not just a normal rubber ball, it's a stupid rubber ball. So, people should buy it now. It is stated to only cost $9,000 dollars, but the voiceover assures you that it is worth it and to trust him.

Later in the end of the same episode, Nickel is shown upset to be in Idiotic Island, but glad to at least have his rubber ball.

He then picks it up and starts bouncing it to the tune of the song "It's A Ball", and the full, uninterrupted version of the song continues to play as the scene cross-dissolves into the credits. The full version of the song was also provided as a free downloadable mp3 through a link in the Episode 6 description.

This song is sung by the same person who does the recaps, with certain background tracks also done by him and some by the creator of Inanimate Insanity. It is the first original song featured on Inanimate Insanity.

The download to this song was here, but the link is now unfourtunately broken.


It's a ball, he's got a rubber ball,
it's a ball, he's got a rubber ball!
The simple joy of bouncin' a small little sphere,
just whip it out and the fun is here.
It's a ball, he's got a rubber ball,
it's a ball, he's got a rubber ball!
The ball'll go up and the ball'll go down,
just keep on goin' and you'll never frown.
It's a ball, he's got a rubber ball,
it's a ball, he's got a rubber ball!
All day and all night, you're gonna have some fun,
just don't drop it, and you'll never be done.
It's a ball- BALL!
He's got a rubber ball, it's a ball- BALL!
He's got a rubber ball.
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