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        Judge Gavel is a one-time character that appeared in "Everything's A-OJ". He is the judge that appears at the trial between OJ and MePhone4 about the felony the latter made by locking the eliminated contestants in a closet.

After hearing Box's, a witness, testimony, he was touched by it, and sentenced MePhone4 for one hour to jail from an hour for unlawful detention, imprisonment and "a freaking portal that the defense claims just randomly appeared one day". However, Toilet attacked him after hearing Judge Gavel giving the sentence, and raises MePhone4's jail time to a day.

Because the host of Inanimate Insanity is absent for that day, Judge Gavel gave hosting duties of the show to OJ and dismissed the case.


Judge Gavel, although well-meaning most of the time, is a corrupt judge who gives out extremely low jail times. He will often play a case seriously, until the very end where he punishes the defendant with one or two hours in jail.

He might extend the punishment if someone assaults him, but even then it is still a very low amount of jail time.

He also seems to hate his job, as he keeps hurting himself by banging his head on the sound block and complains about it.


Judge Gavel is a tall brown and gold gavel. The center of his body is noticeably thinner than the rest of his body. His "head" has a golden color in the center, that is very shiny.


  • Because Judge Gavel is a gavel, he uses himself to hit the sound block to bring order. He actually complains about being hurt by doing it, but still does that.