Keep on Cleaning was a musical number heard in Everything's A-OJ. It was composed and produced by Joseph Schmidt. Lyndsay Munich (credited as Lynz Munich) was the guitarist, from Lynz MusicVibha Melkote provided the singing voice for Soap, and the other characters were voiced by their regular voice actors.

Official Lyrics

Is he seriously making us do this now?
*sigh* OJ just thinks he's so clever.
There's NO way I'm doing this!!!
Come on guys, don't argue.
I don't want to force you!
It's a gift from the heavens,
Don't you agree?
How can you say that?
But no time for chit-chat.
Let's just get this work done
And finally be free!
Cleaning’s my life,
And when I’m feeling down.
Scrubbing the floors always removes a frown!
The window panes reflect the struggles in my life
I’ll make a new path and wash away my strife!
Argh, there better not be another verse!
Brace yourself! It's coming!
New paths, oh what’s the use, just give me a break!
Old friends will still leave distress in their wake.
Everyone seems lazy,
while I’m going crazy,
To clean up the mess that others will leave.
But what we do's inconsequent,
I learned that from the Internet!
No question I’m a nicer host,
I don’t mean to boast!
No one needs to like you if you like yourself
Just brush off your hardships and wipe them from the shelf
Sometimes the outside world just feels so demeaning
But it doesn’t close in if you just keep on cleaning!


  • An instrumental-only version of the song plays in the credits of the episode. Coincidentally, the song starts at 8:00, and the instrumental version starts exactly at 16:00.
  • This is the show's first original musical number featuring onscreen characters who are singing.
  • Soap is voiced by Kacie Chapman, however, her singing voice during the song was Vibha Milkote.
  • According to Taylor Grodin, the song’s lyrics were changed several times.
    • Paintbrush was originally singing New paths, oh sure, right, just give me a break! When our leader left total chaos in her wake. Everyone seems lazy while I’m going crazy. Please anyone I need help desperately!
    • Fan was originally singing Watch! Stop trying so hard! And, let down your guard!
    • OJ was originally singing They all sound so deranged. Guess my perspective’s changed.
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