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The situation that brought forward the saying.


Lurne Hao Too Cspel is a gag from Inanimate Insanity. It was introduced in The Stacker, when 70 people voted for Nick-Le, meaning to write Nickel. MePhone states that Nickle isn't even on the show, and that if they wanted to vote for Nickel that they should "lurne hao too cspel". As a result, Lightbulb was eliminated. In War De Guacamole, MePhone4 realizes that the viewers did indeed mean to say Nickel, and all the people that need to "lurne hao too cspel" would have their votes accepted. Nickel is then eliminated and Lightbulb rejoins.

In The Snowdown, Nickel refers to viewers not being able to spell his name correctly while he asks them to allow him to rejoin, and in The Island Of Misfit Objects Song states that he is a nickel so worthless that people don't even remember how to spell his name.

In Double Digit Desert, despite not rejoining, Nickel expresses satisfaction that his voters correctly spelled his name. However, as MePhone reveals, the amount of people that misspelled his name was greater than the amount that spelled it correctly, but he had known to count such votes now. Annoyed, Nickel scolded the viewers for still not learning.