This article is about lemons, the fruit commonly associated with Taco. If you're looking for Lemon, the bass player of Spoiled Lemon, click here.

Lemons are a common fruit associated with Inanimate Insanity. They were first used in the first challenge in Episode 2: A Lemony Lesson. The challenge was to gather as many lemons as possible into the team's basket in a short period of time. Team Epic was winning with 32 lemons when Taco barfed up 31 lemons and then 2 more, causing her team to win.
Ep2 Taco Lemons 2

Taco barfs lemons.

180px-Taco Lemon

Taco spitting a Lemon at Baseball

Ever since Episode 2, there has been a running gag of Taco barfing up lemons at people, helping her win challenges. Taco has since been seen barfing a lemon at Baseball in Episode 3, which resulted in her winning the challenge for her team. She also barfed multiple lemons out to make a path across the quicksand in Episode 8. Taco is seen barfing a lemon in the Happy New Year! From Inanimate Insanity picture from Episode 9 as well. She also barfs one at Pickle in his eye underwater in Episode 11. Taco ran out of lemons in Episode 14, causing her to be very sad. The last time Taco is seen barfing a lemon is in Episode 17 (Part 2) when MePhone4S shoots a lemon at MePhone5.


  • So far, throughout the course of the series, Taco has barfed a whopping grand total of 46 lemons.
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