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Life Ring is a minor character on Inanimate Insanity II. He was seen in Tri Your Best, saving Box after he drowned.


Life Ring is a genuine life buoy, or life preserver, designed to save a person from drowning. He appears with white and red stripes, along with gold ropes that wrap around him. Unlike most characters, his eyes and mouth are separated by the large hole in his middle.


Life Ring appears as a lifeguard for the lap pool in Tri Your Best, sitting atop the large guard tower. Once Suitcase calls out to Box, who was previously knocked in, Life Ring abruptly blows a whistle and jumps in, retrieving Box from the bottom and throws him out of the pool. Cheesy asks Life Ring if he sits on top of the guard tower all day, which Life Ring happily confirms, though Cheesy simply cracks another joke: "You deserve a round of applause, get it? because you're so round!"


  • Life Ring's voice was higher pitched in the original Tri Your Best episode, but was lowered for Adam's YoungArts performance. 
  • Not including MePhones, Life Ring, along with Rusty Jo are the only characters to appear once in Inanimate Insanity II. 
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