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The Arena Of Death
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  Marshmallow, labeled The Sweet One, was a female contestant on Inanimate Insanity who was placed on Team Epic. She returned for Inanimate Insanity II and was placed on The Bright Lights. She is voiced by Dee Cashin.


Marshmallow is a small white cylinder-shaped marshmallow.


Marshmallow is a naïve, kind-hearted, innocent, fierce, and aggressive player. She is commonly characterized as sweet, joyful, and vivacious with others.

As a critical and occasionally cynical person, Marshmallow is generally concerned only with her own interests and is not afraid to speak her mind without caring about the consequences. Though being so puny and inadequate, Marshmallow makes up for it with strong motivation and usually carries through challenges with ease. Her aggressiveness can sometimes drive her to make rash decisions, such as destroying the bar in "War De Guacamole" to kill OJ, and using Apple to cross the quicksand in "4Seeing The Future". As a result, Marshmallow primarily cares only about herself, and occasionally her select friends, often causing trouble between her and the other contestants.

Marshmallow has been through many unreliable relationships. Marshmallow's friendship has constantly been difficult with Apple, as the two quickly became enemies after Marshmallow ruined Christmas for Apple in "The Snowdown". However, in "Marsh on Mars", Apple and Marshmallow were quick to resolve their issues and come to a truce and spend more time together. Apple began to develop an excessive clinginess to Marshmallow, who disliked the attention she was receiving and began to see Apple as an annoyance rather than a friend. Their relationship turns for the worse following the events of "Let 'Er R.I.P.", where Apple reveals that she was using Marshmallow for the competition, destroying their friendship. This was later resolved in Kick the Bucket, where Bow not only told Marshmallow that she possessed Apple to say that Marshmallow is a bad person, but get Marshmallow to work up the courage to help Apple escape Hotel OJ to join her, Bow, and Dough in the haunted house.

Marshmallow has become untrustworthy of others and tries to keep her problems to herself. When she opens up to friends, no one seems to understand or give helpful advice. Marshmallow also develops a deep hatred towards the competition and how it changes people. Eventually, Marshmallow is driven to leave the competition and get away from the stress it caused her.

Official Site Bio

Marshmallow is a kind and fierceful player. Though being sweet and joyful with friends, her enemies have seen the sour side of her. Further into the series, Marshmallow appeared to care more about herself than others, causing trouble between her and the other contestants. She also has an odd obsession with Wal-Mart and is prone to being abused due to her sweet mushy exterior.

—Inanimate Insanity Site, 2013

She may appear kind and endearing... but don’t let her sweet exterior fool you! Marshmallow has evolved into a fiercely defiant player who usually puts her own issues before others. Due to conflicts with other contestants, she has developed significant trust issues as well as an uncertainty as to whether anything on the show is real. Despite her small stature, what she lacks in physical presence she makes up for with her blunt nature and outspokenness. If Marshmallow wants something, she’ll stop at nothing to get it even if she has to venture outside the parameters of the game to do so.

—Inanimate Insanity Site, 2018


Marshmallow is known for her unique powers, such as:

  • Gravity Manipulation: Marshmallow possesses the ability, or rather, inability to use gravity correctly. This ability doesn't appear to be voluntary, but it has both helped and hindered Marshmallow in many challenges, such as in "The Crappy Cliff" and "Crappy Anniversary" where she is shifted to the side before landing in the water, or in "War De Guacamole" where she is halted right before hitting the spinning saw and flung back upwards.
  • Shattering Voice: Due to her incredibly high pitched voice, Marshmallow has the astounding ability to shatter glass just by yelling, shattering unfortunate contestants like Test Tube in "Marsh on Mars".
  • Healing from Fire: Noticed in two episodes, “The Stacker” (burnt from “One-Shot Wonder”) and “Breaking The Ice”, Marshmallow is able to be burned and recovered without MePhone4's help.


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Voice Actors

  • Adam Katz (US/UK/AU/CAN) (Season 1)
  • Dee Cashin (US/UK/AU/CAN) (Season 2)
  • eRVy4728 (Italy)


  • Marshmallow's original body was perspectively flawed. The original graphic portrayed the bottom of Marshmallow as flat. An updated version of her body has this mistake fixed.
  • Marshmallow was revealed to own a phone in "Journey Through Memory Lane (Part 2)", making her one of seven characters to own one.
    • She, Bow, and Fan, however, are the only contestants confirmed to own a phone in the show.
  • Marshmallow is revealed to be right-handed in "A Kick In The Right Direction".
  • Marshmallow was the fourth object voted off by contestants.
  • Marshmallow is ranked #7 of all Inanimate Insanity Contestants in Season 1 when coincidentally, the number 7 is the semi-reason for Marshmallow's elimination.
  • Marshmallow apparently thought that Paintbrush was a male.
  • Marshmallow is tied with Paper (in "A Lemony Lesson") and Paintbrush (in "Alternate Reality Show") for receiving the fewest votes to be eliminated, both at 3.
    • If you count disqualification and being killed as proper elimination, she is instead tied with Dough at 0 votes.
  • Marshmallow's sizing has noticeably become smaller as the series progressed.
  • Marshmallow has the record for one of the most times in the bottom three, with 4 times.
  • Marshmallow is the first and only contestant so far to be disqualified.
  • According to the Inanimate Insanity website, Marshmallow has perfect pitch, or the ability to identify a musical note without a reference.
  • Marshmallow is the only contestant to kill another contestant with her voice.
  • Marshmallow is the first contestant to own a time travel machine as seen in 4Seeing The Future.
    • The other contestant is Test Tube in Alternate Reality Show.
  • Marshmallow was the only contestant that may have made it to the merge twice, but due to her disqualification in season 2, she didn't make it.
  • After Marshmallow's disqualification in "Alternate Reality Show", the remaining returnees all rank higher in season two than they did in season one.
  • Marshmallow is the only member of the Bright Lights not to be voiced by a male in season two.
  • She is one of the two contestants to be disqualified in both seasons overall, the other being Nickel after a misunderstood voting in The Stacker being resolved in War De Guacamole. However, she wasn't disqualified due to misunderstood voting, she was disqualified due to running away from the show.
    • She is one of the three Inanimate Insanity II contestants not to be eliminated by any voting (if you don't count Fan's automatic elimination, two), the other being Dough (eaten before joining the game, MePhone being unable to make a recovery icon for him), and Fan (automatic elimination, but only if you count it).


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