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Kick the Bucket


        MePad, labeled The Assistant, is MePhone4's assistant for elimination votes. His first appearance is "Marsh on Mars".


MePad seems to want the contestants to be in a safe environment and thinks Toilet needs to behave more professionally in his workplace. Toilet makes it very clear that he doesn't like MePad's presence and is jealous of the attention he gets from MePhone4, but MePad never gets angry at him or even really seems to notice how much Toilet dislikes him. He also proves to be extremely clever and smart, as he did give MePhone4 the idea for a challenge and obviously was happy when MePhone4 was worried about Marshmallow's safety. However, he seems to be flawed since he is so intelligent, observant, and creative that he gets caught up in analyzing little details and functional marvels while more important matters are at hand. In early episodes of Inanimate Insanity II, he has been shown to be kind of sarcastic and derisive, such as when Dough was talking about what he likes in "A Kick in the Right Direction", he says "What's next, mares?". However, this may have been when MePad's character was in development.


MePad is the fourth Meeple product featured on the show. He is the first MePad product and the first product to be armless. He has a fuchsia/magenta background and a black body. He also has an aqua sound-wave mouth similar to MePhone5's.


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Voice Actors

  • Conrad Collins (US/UK/AU/CAN) (Episodes 2-12)
  • Justin Chapman (US/UK/AU/CAN) (Episode 13)
  • Jojo93able (Italy)

Comparison and Contrast from iPads

At the time of MePad's first appearance, MePad mentions that he has quad 4-dual processors, while iPads don't have them yet. MePad also says he has "the new A6 chip" like real iPads, while it should have been an M6 chip like MePhone4S's M5 chip.


  • MePad is the only Meeple product to not have died yet.
  • MePad is the first Meeple product to refrain from hunting MePhone4, other than MePhone4 himself.
  • He is often compared with Baymax, from Big Hero 6, because they share many of the same traits.
  • It was confirmed by Adam that he is actually an iPad Mini.
  • MePad is the second largest character and Meeple Product on Inanimate Insanity.
    • The largest character and Meeple Product is MePhone6+.


These are votes that MePad displayed

  • v (Votes)

Votes for Marsh on Mars

Total: 2497v

Votes for Tri Your Best

Total: 3021v

Votes for Cooking for the Grater Good

Total: 4010v

Votes for A Kick in the Right Direction

Total: 3851-3853v

Votes for Let 'Er R.I.P.

Total: 4211v

Votes for Everything's A-OJ

Total: 4300v

Votes for Theft and Battery

Total: 5688v

Votes for Rain On Your Charade

Total: 7348v (record)

Votes for Kick the Bucket


  • Shell Collecting - 4516v
  • Knitting - 4573v
  • Bucket Brigade - 7281 Chosen

Total: 16370v


  • Balloon 5v Eliminated
  • Nickel 1v Eliminated (Due to surprise double elimination)

Total: 6v

Votes for Alternate Reality Show


  • Woodworking - 3679v
  • Origami - 2232v
  • Woodworking - 2201v Chosen

Total: 8112v


Total: 8v

Votes for Mine Your Own Business


  • Sand Castle Building
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Cave Mining - Chosen

Total: Unknown