In Inanimate Insanity 2, he is first introduced (In Marsh on Mars) by MePhone4. When describing him, MePhone4 inadvertently leads Toilet to think he is referring to him, so he is angry and bewildered when MePad is introduced. Toilet mocks MePad, who replied that he should behave in his workplace. MePhone4 takes a liking to MePad, who reveals he has the new A6 chip.

At elimination he reveals who is safe and has tiny, humorous messages throughout the elimination. He comments on the user-functionality of the portal, and MePhone4 directs his attention back to the problem that Marshmallow is trapped in space. He liked that MePhone4 cared about the well-being of Marshmallow and was surprised when MePhone4 admitted he only cared about the lawsuits.

He gives MePhone4 the idea for the challenge and collects rocket parts for him. MePhone4 is thankful for this. When Marshmallow is returned, MePad glared at MePhone4 once he did not care about Marshmallow being back, Marshmallow also glared at MePhone4 at the same time.

MePad again appears in Tri Your Best, albeit in a smaller role. He once again shows humorous messages on his screen throughout the elimination.  He comments on how incredible it is that Yin and Yang were separated, being that he is quite intelligent he can fully appreciate what a miracle it is.  When the final two is narrowed down to Yin-Yang and Cherries, MePad excitedly shows the votes.  He's not seen for the rest of the episode.

In Let 'Er R.I.P., Mepad displays the votes at elimination per usual, and then MePhone4 asks him to play music to set the mood, which he complies to. He plays it while MePhone4 is displaying the house, annoying MePhone4, so MePad apologizes, though this doesn't stop Toilet yelling at him. He is not seen after this point in the episode.

In Everything's A-OJ, MePad shows the votes. Test Tube gets the fewest, along with safe contestants Lightbulb, Fan, Marshmallow and Paintbrush. Paintbrush was the last person safe and Apple was eliminated.

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