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Greetings and Salutations!I am your Host,MePhone4!

The Crappy Cliff

MePhone4, labeled as The Host, is a major character and is the main host of Inanimate Insanity and Inanimate Insanity II. He is voiced by Mark Katz.

He has hosted in every episode so far, excluding the following:


MePhone4 is the primary host of Inanimate Insanity and Inanimate Insanity II. Despite being a machine created by Meeple, MePhone4, unlike other MePhones, appears nice to many and has a humane personality. However, MePhone4 has been shown to be shrewd to contestants on Inanimate Insanity, typically treating them like children. As a host, MePhone4 focuses on showmanship, even if it involves embellishing on contestants' misfortune and failures, which can be first seen when MePhone4 comically regards Pickle's failure to win in 3 seconds as "just sad" in "The Crappy Cliff".

To keep the show entertaining, MePhone4 enjoys creating harsh and difficult challenges for the competitors to compete, such as cliff jumping, full obstacle courses, or sports, but he has commonly shifted to simpler challenges such as collecting lemons or candy, golf ball stacking, navigating through a maze or even painting. Regardless, MePhone4 judges contestants rather unfairly and can often be senseless. For example, in "The Arena Of Death" and "Tri Your Best", he says that the team captains cannot compete in the challenge because they are "so awesome". He is especially concerned with the appearance of the show over the safety and satisfaction of contestants, as he tries to conserve money by using cheap prizes like metal leaves (instead of regular leaves that were too expensive) in "War De Guacamole", and cares only about lawsuits when Marshmallow's safety is endangered after she is launched to Mars in "Marsh on Mars". In flashbacks shown in "Mine Your Own Business", it's revealed that MePhone4's desire to host a competition show is inspired by other shows he watched while living at Meeple Headquarters.

Despite his shrewd attitude to some contestants, he has shown signs of benevolence on some occasions. He is surprisingly good-spirited during holidays, as in The Snowdown, he awards Team Chickenleg in the Christmas tree challenge with their modest tree, as opposed to Team Epic's commercialized tree. He has also been shown to be able to compromise, as seen when he allows MePhone4S to co-host in "The Tile Divide".

MePhone4 has an incredible appetite, which is further demonstrated by his self-renown title of "fat slob" on numerous occasions. He enjoys eating many of the delicious prizes (notably cookies) that are supposed to be given out at Elimination Time! or any other time, and instead, replaces them with other unique prizes, much to the contestants' dismay.

In "Mine Your Own Business", it is revealed that MePhone4 had a negative relationship with his creator, Steve Cobs, whom he deleted all memories of before the start of Inanimate Insanity. When he was first created, MePhone4 was especially lazy and preferred to slack off instead of performing tasks assigned by Cobs.

With the return of his previously removed memories, MePhone4 is far more disgruntled and resentful, seen with a darkened expression and acting far more brutal to contestants.


MePhone4 is a black rectangular phone with a silver casing surrounding his sides. On one side, he has two volume buttons and a ringer switch, and on his top is a power button. He has a large screen on his front which has a glowing blue wallpaper. He has two cameras, one on his front and back, as well as a receiver above his screen, and a home button below it. On his back is a large white Meeple logo.


  • MeLife: MePhone4 can bring back any dead contestant (if he wants to) by simply clicking on a picture of them. However, it can only be performed if he has received a notification telling him to recover them.
  • Object Generation: Using an app, MePhone4 can make any object appear, such as a tree. He used this to create the challenges for Mazed and Confused, Kick the Bucket, and Alternate Reality Show.


In The Crappy Cliff, he is played by Christian Potenza, (Chris McLean from Total Drama Series, Jude Lizowski from 6teen, and Trevor Troublemeyer from Sidekick). However, due to a change in voice actors, MePhone4's voice actor changed to Mark Katz in A Lemony Lesson. Ever since then, this voice has been used consistently for MePhone4.

The voice change was given an official canon explanation in Crappy Anniversary, when MePhone4 makes things just like the first episode, including giving himself his old voice. This confuses Pickle, who remarks that the MeTunes update changed his voice the previous year.

MePhone4 was replaced by MePhone4S in 4Seeing The Future but returned afterward when MarshmallowOJ, and Taco went back in time to save him. MePhone4's old voice was featured in the finale, making Paintbrush scream in shock, yet it was restored to its most common voice after Knife threw a rock at MePhone4 just after he was revived then he turned into his normal self.

Voice Actors


  • In "The Crappy Cliff", MePhone4 is played by voice actor Christian Potenza, famously also the voice of Chris McLean from the Total Drama Series. But due to a change in voice actors, MePhone4's voice changed in "A Lemony Lesson".
  • MePhone4 is the first character to speak in the series.
  • MePhone4 greatly resembles Chris McLean from the Total Drama series, as they are both vain and at least bit of sadistic.
  • According to a Behind The Scenes video with Justin Chapman, an early unused idea was for MePhone4 to have a different voice in every episode, but this was dropped.
  • All the Meeple products are currently the only copyrighted characters in Inanimate Insanity.
  • As shown in a few episodes and stated by MePhone4, he is a "fat slob" and he has eaten multiple prizes or parts of the prizes, mainly his homemade cookies.
    • His cookies, however, are apparently terrible, as stated by OJ, who is the only person to truly eat one.
  • According to Test Tube's theory, MePhone4 would actually be the second smartest out of all the MePhones, despite his low intelligence. The smartest would be MePhone3GS.
  • According to Steve Cobs, his creator, MePhone4 has a "highly advanced emotion emulator".
  • MePhone4 is revealed to be one year old in "4Seeing The Future". He, however, is older now.
  • MePhone4 is the only show staff to have been sued by a contestant.
  • MePhone4 is the only remaining MePhone but in an alternate timeline, he was replaced by MePhone7.
  • MePhone4 can be appeared in The Object Show Movie: Part 2 and Part 3 Sneak Peek.
    • PhoebeBebe would also voice MePhone4.


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