MePhone4S confronting MePhone4.

This article focuses on the interactions between MePhone4 and MePhone4S.

Episodes suggesting a friendship

In Journey Through Memory Lane (Part 2) after MePhone4  died by falling in the water, MePhone4S sacrificed his body to bring back MePhone4. It succeeded, but MePhone4 got MePhone4S' "talking hand."

Episodes suggesting a conflict

MePhone4 and MePhone4S have one of, if not the biggest, rivalry in the show. In Sugar Rush, MePhone4S has a subplot in which he looks for and tracks down MePhone4. He was first seen hiding behind a bush, without his sunglasses on, near Pickle and Marshmallow, who deemed the moving bush as nothing and left. MePhone4S then slides his screen (similar to what people do with pictures on an iPhone, iPod, and iPad) to put on sunglasses.

He was seen a second time with Cheesy, explaining that he is a recommended character, but Cheesy responds that he can't go in without identification and tells him to go to a bench where Magnifying Glass,Teddy Bear and TV were sitting. MePhone4S replies, "I'll be back.", referring directly to The Terminator. He walks away but re-appears in his red car and slams into Cheesy.

His final scene of the episode was right afterMePhone4 told Apple to go away, but then MePhone4S appeared, leaning on his car, and said "Perhaps it is you who should 'go away', MePhone4....". The episode therefore ends on a cliffhanger.

In 4Seeing The Future, MePhone4S appeared in the beginning in front of his red car along with MePhone4 explaining to him that he was old technology and he was better with his new M5 chip and voice recognition technology called Siri. MePhone4 disagreed and said that he had cool prizes. 4S took out a plate of cookies, which MePhone4 ran over to grab.

Screen shot 2012-01-23 at 2.34.28 PM

MePhone4 takes MePhone4S's cookies. 4S is not amused.

4S pushes him away and yells, "Put that cookie down, now!" and fires a gun, killing MePhone4. Lightbulb screams in fear, but 4S quiets her, and tells her that he is the new host. He led Elimination Time! in that episode, multiplying Pickle's votes (after he called him MeTard and wouldn't shut up) and using Siri to generate cookies to hand out to those that were safe, which were OJ, Bomb, Pickle (even with his multiplied votes still at the least amount of votes), Taco and Salt.

4S said he couldn't be happier when the final two was Salt and Pepper, and told them that if they didn't shut up that they would both be eliminated. He then proceeded to do the old "fake out the contestant" routine, except in a nasty way, since he had led Pepper to believe that she was safe.

Pepper was eliminated and sent to Idiotic Island. After Pepper's elimination, Salt was devastated and began to cry. 4S told her to "shut up about her girlfriend" and said the next challenge was deadly and hilarious. OJ calls the remark homicidal bur 4S shuts him up. Pickle whispers to OJ how he hates 4S, when he appears again and says that he hates him and that Pickle's cookie was poisoned, then Pickle began to spaz out and collapse. OJ yells at 4S for killing his alliance member, to which 4S asks what he will do about. This brings 4S to the annoucement of the teams breaking up again since "friendship is dumb". After that, he finally announces the challenge, which was to make it across a pool of quicksand.

He applauds Marshmallow with her "evil strategy" of throwing Apple into the quicksand. During the challenge, OJ talks to Marshmallow and Taco about how the new host is annoying and that he wants the old MePhone back, looking on as 4S yells at Apple to cross the quicksand immediately.

Marshmallow then said that they could with a time machine she got from Wal Mart to go back to the moment 4S shot 4, pause time, and replace MePhone 4 with a dummy that looked like him also from Wal Mart. He continuously announces the immune contestants as they cross, leaving Pickle, Lightbulb and Bomb up for elimination. Pickle and Lightbulb complain but 4S shuts them up.

Screen shot 2012-01-21 at 12.10.40 PM

4 returns for a rematch with 4S.

Suddenly, MePhone4 appears again explaining that the show was owned by him no matter how insane the technology that 4S has is. 4S disagrees saying that the show is now his and suddenly tackles 4 close to the quicksand pool. He begins to push MePhone4 in when MePhone4 suddenly slides 4S's screen to a Hello Kitty screen, disabling his sight. MePhone4 then grabs 4S and tosses him into the quicksand pit. He does not appear again for the rest of the episode.

In The Tile Divide, MePhone4S returns and confronts MePhone4 again, who asks in a frightened voice how he came back after being thrown in the quicksand pit. MePhone4S starts to explain until MePhone4 interrupts him, stating that 4S can't hurt him anyway.

4S starts to say something else but 4 won't let him talk. Siri threatens MePhone for disrespecting her master, but 4S tells her he'll handle the situation himself.

He demands to host again, otherwise he'll kill OJ. MePhone sarcastically comments how he can't let OJ die, but ends up letting him host anyway. 4S happily throws OJ over his shoulder, celebrating that he's finally hosting Inanimate Insanity again. MePhone4 corrects him, saying that he's only co-hosting. After 4 walks away with an aggravated expression, 4S mutters under his breath that "his news will have to wait", before following 4. MePhone4 begins to recap who won immunity last time, but MePhone4S finishes his sentence for him, saying that Pickle and Taco rounded up the most eliminated contestants last time, winning them immunity.

4 complains that 4S cut him off, and says he can't co-host if he acts like this. 4S yells that he's sorry and begs for forgiveness. 4 allows him to continue, and 4S announces that 546 votes were received- the most ever. [1] 4 states that the prizes are lollipops, but 4S argues, saying the prizes should be his chainsaws. After a brief argument, 4S decides to give each contestant one of each, throwing both lollipops and chainsaws to Pickle and Taco, despite Pickle's protests.

4S states that the final two is Bow and Paper, the physical flat and the personality flat (showing onscreen Bow has the IQ of a potato). He comments that they are both annoying. Bow disagrees and says that she's funny and popular, and 4S counters this by saying her popularity got her 239 votes. Later, 4S asks 4 what the challenge is, and 4 explains it's called Tile Terror and shows off a platform with rows of tiles that is attached to a pole. 4S asks if the challenge is deathly and hilarious, and 4 starts to say it really isn't. 4S angrily deems his challenge boring and demands they use his super death trap as the challenge. 4 decides to let the contestants vote and asks them who prefers to compete in 4S's death trap.

After a brief pause, only Taco raises her hand. 4S hints that he would kill those who didn't vote for his challenge if he had any chainsaws leftover from the elimination. MePhone4 sarcastically comments that he surprisingly won. Pickle asks if skipping tiles is allowed, to which 4S angrily answers, "NOOOO!". OJ, hoping to avoid a repeat of the Bomb incident, asks if both of them can win immunity.

4S yells that they can't since he hates victory while MePhone4 looks on with a disapproving look. After OJ wins, 4S says that since Pickle, Taco, and Paper lost, they have to go through his death trap. 4S is amused by all of the deaths, but 4 says he's being too cruel to everyone. 4S shoots back that he's a cruel host as well, and 4 responds that he's not nearly as bad as he is. 4 decides to put him somewhere he can't hurt anybody.

4S yells that he must stay because he needs him, and despite having his fun before, he now has to tell him something. 4 says he doesn't need to hear it and snaps his fingers, causing a cage to appear behind them. MePhone4S yells that 4 doesn't understand and that "he's coming", but he is hit by the Fist Thingy into the cage before he can finish.


  • MePhone4S was introduced once it had been released in real life.