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When will you see, I'm destined to be your replacement. You're DVD and I'm Blu-Ray.

—MePhone5, Journey Through Memory Lane (Part 2)

MePhone5, labeled The Destroyer, was the final antagonist of the first season of Inanimate Insanity, and he debuted in "Journey Through Memory Lane". His existence was revealed by MePhone4S in The Tile Divide.


MePhone5, overall, is a very dangerous character who wants to terminate his predecessors for good. He used his abilities to wreak havoc in both parts of Journey Through Memory Lane.

However, despite being dangerous overall, he seems to show some sort of awareness of his actions. This is shown when he tells MePhone4 to let go of the cliff and then acknowledges that MePhone4 is feeling hurt.


MePhone5 was the newest version of the MePhone, ascending MePhone4 and MePhone4S, but older than MePhone5C and MePhone5S. He appears with a white cartridge, rather than the previous black versions.

He has a gray background; his "mouth" is fuchsia shockwave and black cat-eye sunglasses, an almost upgraded version of MePhone4S's sunglasses. He can fly at extreme speeds, levitate, and transform his arms into multiple weapons.


In "Journey Through Memory Lane", MePhone4S frantically runs up to MePhone4, telling him they have to sneak out of the island. MePhone4 protests and 4S tells him to talk to his hand, which actually speaks. 4S then explains that "he's" going to terminate them and take the million. 

MePhone5 then teleports right in front of 4 and 4S, and 4S explains that he's the new MePhone- twice as fast, half an inch taller, and liquid metal, and "nobody saw (him) coming!"

MePhone5 then explains the public can't see a show with outdated MePhones in it and that he'll terminate both of them and steal the million dollars. 4S shoots him with his gun and tells 4 to come with him. Later, MePhone5 flies toward the elimination area where 4 and 4S are hiding and his hand transforms into a knife. Siri alerts 4S to this, but only seconds before MePhone5 successfully cuts the pole of the elimination area and 4 starts to fall off.

A screenshot featuring Bow and MePhone5 about to get shot by a lemon, while MePhone4 is hanging on to the edge of the Crappy Cliff.

4S tells him to grab his hand, and his hand adds "not so hard". The elimination area falls into the quicksand pit, alarming OJ, and MePhone4 and 4S fall towards the screen before it cuts to black.

In "A Kick in the Right Direction", MePhone5 was seen in Apple's flashback.


  • The shades that he wears are similar to the shades that Dirk Strider wears in Homestuck.
  • MePhone5 is the host of Inanimate Battle 3, although his voice is far more comprehensible.