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I'm made of plastic, neat, huh?

—MePhone5C, Let 'Er R.I.P.

MePhone5C was a minor character in Inanimate Insanity II.

Her first and only appearance so far is in "Let 'Er R.I.P.", though she was briefly mentioned in "Theft and Battery", along with her trusted ally, MePhone5S.


MePhone5C is a black rectangular phone. Unlike all other MePhones, MePhone5C has a pink plastic casing surrounding her sides. On one side, she has two volume buttons and a ringer switch, and a power button on the other side. She has a large screen on her front which has a glowing pink wallpaper. Her face consists of black sunglasses with pink lenses and her mouth is a black shockwave. She has two cameras, one on her front and back, as well as a receiver above her screen, and a home button below it.


Shortly after MePhone5S appears, she teleports into the scene next to Fan. She introduces herself as "the beautiful MePhone5C, the most colorful beauty in existence". She then brags about being made of plastic, which Fan says it's "really... something".

Afterwards, she and MePhone5S have a short argument, but he apologizes quickly. She then accidentally reveals their plan to kill MePhone4, which 5S yells at her for. After MePhone5S asks where MePhone4 is and is told by Fan and Test Tube that he is by the Crappy Cliff, the two MePhones go to the cliff but have trouble finding him.

MePhone5S tries to detect him with his fingerprint scanner which MePhone5C thinks is advanced and dreamy. He doesn't find MePhone4 so MePhone5S asks her to look for him when she says that MePhone Maps says to fly straight down. She bumps into MePhone5S and they both fall off the cliff screaming. Splashes and coughing are heard, proceeded by a loud bang and a bright flash.



  • She is the first (and only) female Meeple product, unless Siri, a phone app, is counted.
  • In the comments of "Let Er' R.I.P.", it was revealed that Jill Katz is Adam's mother.
    • Ironically, MePhone4, the product she is hunting down, is voiced by Mark Katz, Jill's husband.
  • She and MePhone5S have been confirmed to be husband and wife, since the description of the official poses of them say that they are husband and wife.