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Bleh! I'm MePhone6+!

—MePhone6+, Theft and Battery

MePhone6+ is a Meeple product, presumably created by Steve Cobs. Like many of the other side character MePhones, MePhone6+ died of falling from a high altitude and exploding, because of how he can bend. MePhone6+ is bigger than the original types. He is about 3 to 4 times bigger than a MePhone4.


MePhone6+ is a white MePhone, but he is enormous, due to the fact that the real-life iPhone6+ was bigger than any other iPhone at the time. He has 2 volume buttons and a ringer switch on one side, and a power button on the other side. He has a large screen on his front, with a silver wallpaper. He has blue and silver sunglasses w/a small nose-like feature in between the lenses; his mouth is a blue shockwave. He can also bend like his brother, MePhone6, and had the same demise as the other MePhone generations, by falling from a high altitude and exploding, except for MePhone4S and MePhone7.


  • He is the largest MePhone whose size is known so far but MePhoneX might be a bit larger.
    • Until Alternate Reality Show, he was the latest MePhone, but Knife foreshadowed a MePhone7.
    • There, of course, will be a MePhone6S, and a MePhone7, due to the fact that Apple releases newer generations of iPhones every year.
    • MePhone7 or MePhone6S would be dumber, considering the fact that Test Tube points out, stating that the MePhones get dumber every generation.
  • It is unknown if he and MePhone6 were meant to hunt down MePhone4. If they weren't meant to, then they are the first new MePhones to not be assassins.

MePhone6+'s last moment