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Ah, I love that MePhone7!

Shell, "Alternate Reality Show"

MePhone7 is a minor character in Inanimate Insanity II and Inanimate Insanity Infinity. MePhone7's first and only appearance was in "Alternate Reality Show".


Following the previous MePhones, MePhone7 has a robotic mind with little emotional traits, communicating through electric buzzes. Despite this, contestants like Shell and Kumquat remark him positively and seem to look up to him.

Although incredibly advanced, MePhone7 is rather slow and takes time to process requests from Salt and Pepper, and moves in a rather unnecessarily sporadic way.


MePhone7 is a white rectangular phone with a red casing surrounding his sides. On one side, he has two volume buttons and a ringer switch, and on his top is a power button. He has a large screen on his front which has a dark red wallpaper with bright red crescent-shaped sunglasses. He has two cameras, one on his front and back, as well as a receiver above his screen, and a home button below it with a fingerprint scanner.


MePhone7's only appearance is in "Alternate Reality Show." Once Lightbulb and Test Tube arrive in the alternate universe, they are questioned by Bandana who asks if MePhone7 asked for them. MePhone7 responds simply with electronic buzzes, which Hay Bale interprets as a "yes". Shell remarks his love for MePhone7 while Kumquat notes that he is quite a "people person," which MePhone7 responds to with yet more electronic buzzing.

Later, Salt and Pepper call upon MePhone7, who erratically jolts over to the unimpressed duo. Salt asks MePhone7 to make a fashion show, which after a few moments, he creates with ease, much to the delight of Salt and Pepper.

MePhone7 makes his final appearance during Salt and Pepper's speech, but he is ultimately destroyed in a beam of cyan light and replaced with MePhone7+[1]. Salt and Pepper disregard this entirely.


  • MePhone7's gender was previously unknown since he had not been referred to by any pronouns or gendered language (i.e guy, girl, man, woman, etc) in the show. It was later confirmed by Justin Chapman that he is male, although Cobs doesn't really think of gender as something noteworthy and just sticks to the basics (pronouns).[2]
    • Justin Chapman also said that they considered MePhone7 being genderless, but they decided not to because it would imply that genderless people have less of a personality for being genderless.