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MePhoneX is a minor character in Inanimate Insanity II that debuted in "Hatching the Plan".


MePhoneX is the most robotic and mechanical MePhone to date, leaving little to analyze towards their lack of emotion.


MePhoneX is a large black rectangular phone. On one side, they have two volume buttons and a ringer switch, and on their top is a power button. They have a large screen on their front which has a black and red wallpaper. In the center of the screen is a large red X with a smaller bright X inside. They are missing a home button.

The most notable difference about MePhoneX is their robotic arms and hands. Their arms are metalic tubes and their hands are claw-shaped with glowing red pentagons at the base. Their claws can produce red electricity.

On their back, the Meeple logo is displayed and glows bright red.


MePhoneX red electricity
  • Electrokinesis: MePhoneX can generate red electricity using their claw-shaped hands.


In "Hatching The Plan", MePhoneX appears exiting the remains of MePhone4's Sailboat. Toilet mistakes the silhouette of MePhoneX as MePhone4. MePhoneX then begins moving towards Toilet while blaring an alarm, two claws raised menacingly with red electricity, seemingly ready to attack.



  • MePhoneX's name was confirmed in the Ep. 14 Q&A Livestream[1].
  • MePhoneX is the first MePhone to use Roman Numerals to denote their number.
    • In this case, Roman Numeral X is 10.
  • MePhoneX is the first character in the series to have a different type of arm.


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