Nickel Kicks Taco

Nickel kicks Taco off the Crappy Cliff.

This article focuses on the interactions between Nickel and Taco.

Episodes Suggesting a Conflict

Nickel and Taco seem to not be fond of each other from the very beginning. In The Stupid Trailer, Nickel said to Baseball how Taco is always so annoying and wondered why this was the case. He also sings about how she forgot who she is the one and only what of.

In The Crappy Cliff, Taco goes up to Lightbulb, and despite Nickel yelling, "WAIT, TACO! DON'T DO IT! NO!", she still kicks her into the water below, causing her to become a team captain. Nickel then sarcastically says "Thanks a lot Taco. It's YOUR fault Lightbulb won." He then kicks her into the elephant feces.

In A Lemony Lesson, Taco makes his team lose at the last second. Nickel, Knife, Paper, and Baseball discuss how it sad that they lost to Taco. Nickel does point out that at least him and Baseball tried.

In The Arena Of Death, Nickel kicks a rock at Taco, as part of his reluctant following of Knife's suggested strategy, which is deflected back. He instructs Baseball to jump, and the two of them do and dodge the rocks, but Knife does not. Nickel ends up getting out of the challenge, and Taco's lemon pelting skills makes Baseball lose the challenge for the team, likely causing him to be eliminated. Since Baseball is Nickel's best friend, it's not a stretch to assume that Nickel now liked Taco even less.

In The Stacker, Nickel was quite happy when he won, this is because he got revenge on Marshmallow, but perhaps also because he got Taco into the danger zone.

In War De Guacamole, Nickel says he was trying his best to Paintbrush, perhaps so he could beat Team Chickenleg and get Taco eliminated.

In The Penultimate Poll, Nickel can't believe Taco's come this far in the game. When he gets the chance to cast a vote for a contestant, he easily picks Taco, saying she's unbearable and not worthy of the win. Plus, he says she was the reason the moronic Lightbulb was their team captain. Taco then kicks him to the ground.

Episodes suggesting a friendship

In The Stupid Trailer, Nickel seems to sing "She forgot" quite happily with Taco, suggesting the two characters get along somewhat.


  • Nickel and Taco are sometimes voiced by the same person, for the voice of Nickel (Adam) will also do the voice of Taco (Adam's sister) sometimes.