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Heh, that's hotel manager life for you! WOO! Keepin' us up and keepin' us together!

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OJ (occasionally Orange Juice), labeled The Normal Guy, was a male contestant on Inanimate Insanity and a member of Team Chickenleg. He eventually became the winner of the first season. He is voiced by Taylor Grodin.

Although he is not a contestant in Inanimate Insanity II, he has made multiple minor appearances, even being a temporary host on "Everything's A-OJ."

He returned in Inanimate Insanity Invitational, as a member of The Thinkers.


OJ is a tall cylinder shaped glass with a circular opening at the top. Inside, he is filled with orange juice.


OJ is a relatively calm and mature contestant. He is notably knowledgeable and intelligent many times throughout the series, making up ideas to complete challenges and forming multiple alliances, though he can come across as naive and stubborn at times. Amongst the cast of various atypical characters, OJ is considerably the most typical of all. He is logical and an empathetic kind person with a level-headed approach to problems.

OJ usually approaches challenges with scrutiny and a passive attitude. Though he can occasionally be quite competitive in challenges and usually tries to win for himself, his alliance or his team, he commonly criticizes challenges before taking them, and overly complains, as mentioned by Pickle in "The Penultimate Poll". OJ will even goes as far as suing MePhone4 or writing up safety concerns for negligence later on in the series.

As the winner of Season 1, OJ since retired as a contestant and overtook the role of owner and manager of Hotel OJ. He has since grown more mature and leader-like and caters to various other contestant needs, though he is constantly overworked and tired with the burden of multiple responsibilities of other contestants.

OJ was reluctantly admitted into the third season, Inanimate Insanity Invitational, despite stressing about not wanting to leave the hotel unmanaged and growing more stressed about the idea of vacationing. According to his Exit Interview, OJ is most happy when he's productive and fixing problems around the hotel, and in "Stranded in Paradise" he notes that even the word "vacation" makes him feel weird. To compensate for this, upon joining The Thinkers, OJ took more of a leader position after his experience as a hotel manager and frequently made decisions for the team, often butting heads with Paintbrush who strived for the same thing.

Occasionally when in positions of power, OJ can be quite clumsy and inconsiderate at times, going as far as eliminating Suitcase by random choice as the temporary host in "Everything's A-OJ". In times of stress, OJ can be quite pessimistic and cynical, and in extreme cases, lose his temper enough to get into fights, as seen in "The Overthinkers". However he will usually try and apologize or rectify the issue immediately.


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  • OJ is the only male contestant on Inanimate Insanity able to be shattered.
  • OJ is the only contestant so far to have eaten one of MePhone4's cookies.
  • It's unknown if Bomb and OJ are still good friends after the betrayal in the first season in "Double Digit Desert".
  • "Tri Your Best" is the first full episode in which OJ does not appear in any capacity.
  • OJ shares similarities to Firey from Battle For Dream Island:
    • Both place 1st Place in the first season of the object show they originated from.
    • Both are both mainly orange colored characters.
    • Both have a weakness to water.
    • Both had the Second Placer of the season attempt to steal their prize. However with OJ it was not successful



  • OJ has shattered in Season 1 episodes 3, 6, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15, 18, and Season 2 episode 1.
  • OJ was going to be a silent type until he gained a voice in "A Lemony Lesson".
    • His voice is the most identical to Taylor's natural voice.
  • OJ has been seen mistakenly on his side many times, yet the orange juice inside him does not spill, except in Journey Through Memory Lane/Part 2".
  • OJ has revealed to have aquaphobia, the fear of water/swimming.
  • OJ has shown to dislike chocolate.
    • Though he mistakenly stated chocolate was a base in "4Seeing the Future", he probably can't have bases due to his acidic structure.
  • OJ has a tendency to have numerous relationships broken up between him and a friend.
  • OJ appears to become sick when filled with water, and very moody when empty.
    • According to Taylor in a Tumblr post [1], there was a scrapped idea in Season 1 where OJ's juice would be replaced with different liquids affecting his personality, such as apple juice would make him less intelligent.
      • In a hypothetical, Taylor shared that when filled with orange soda, OJ would be “his usual self, but just operating at about 150% more energy”[2] and when filled with fruit punch he would become a “cool surfer dude”.[3]
  • In a tumblr post[4], Taylor said he likes to imagine OJ's temperature regulates with his mood, and he is usually a naturally cold temperature when he’s feeling calm and collected.
  • According to the comic "Everything's About-OJ" of Inanimate Comics, his biggest secret is his two near-encounters with bankruptcy, and he shattered eleven times off-screen.



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