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Well actually, I had a question about...

—"The Crappy Cliff"
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Paintbrush, labeled The Hothead, is a contestant on Inanimate Insanity and was a member of Team Epic. They competed in Inanimate Insanity II and were a member of The Bright Lights. They are also voiced by Taylor Grodin.


Paintbrush is a caring, friendly, supportive, and helpful contestant to many. On the flip side, Paintbrush can become very stubborn and obdurate if things don't go as they plan. Evidently, Paintbrush is typically an unsentimental pragmatist and follows life along a realistic and reasonable path. They will play the game safe and enter each challenge level-headed, with the intent to win. Although they are outranked by Lightbulb's leadership, Paintbrush will take any beneficial initiative for their team, frequently coming up with plans for success.

However, Paintbrush shows little patience for nonsense and absurdity, commonly provided by Lightbulb or Fan. Paintbrush has exhibited an exceptionally short temper for any immoral behavior they do not agree with. If angered enough, Paintbrush's bristles will ignite into flames of fury, literally becoming a "hothead". Paintbrush adopts a violent and destructive nature, going as far as to physically harm teammates for not cooperating. Though acting cruelly against others, Paintbrush will usually apologize and show remorse for acting out of line.


Prior to "Alternate Reality Show", Paintbrush is the only contestant whose gender was unknown; Fan discussed & argued over the identity of Paintbrush's gender. Many who argued in favor of Paintbrush being male referred to when Paintbrush responded "Yeah!" once Nickel asked if they were a guy. However, it was confirmed that they were responding in happiness that they were picked for Team Epic. Many also used the example when Knife mentioned that they could "come in handy." However, this has been counteracted in "Breaking The Ice", whereas Knife suddenly refers to Paintbrush as a girl, which they also reply with a "Yeah!", but then quickly implying that they were on The Bright Lights.

Lightbulb would commonly refer to Paintbrush by nicknames pertaining to both genders. For example, in "A Kick in the Right Direction", Lightbulb refers to Paintbrush as "tall fella" and "brush gal", still providing no clear answer to the paintbrush gender mystery.

Even MePad didn't know what gender Paintbrush is, as he called paintbrush "Mr. and Mrs. Paintbrush" in "Theft and Battery."

However, in "Alternate Reality Show", Paintbrush was confirmed to be non-binary (neither male nor female,) having agreed to Lightbulb's description of "C: None of the above." Lightbulb is (presumably) currently the only character who knows of Paintbrush's true gender identity.


Paintbrush has a long rounded body with a square head. A silver metal rim surrounds the top of their head. Paintbrush has yellow bristles that form a pointed brush that emerges from the metal rim. At the bottom of their body is a hole cut out in the center of Paintbrush's torso. In comparison to other contestants, Paintbrush is remarkably tall, as Knife says in both season 1 and 2.


Official Site Bio

Paintbrush is a tall and quite amiable player. His favorite- oops... her favorite- wait... um... Paintbrush loves to help out whenever possible for his/her team! Being quite outspoken, but under the rank of Lightbulb, Paintbrush appears to be Lightbulb's right-hand man... or... woman... or... forget this.

—Inanimate Insanity Site, 2013

Paintbrush strives to be a responsible leader that can earn victory for their team! The only problem is... they’re not the team leader, but that won’t stop them! Paintbrush is very compassionate and is always looking out for the best interests of friends and allies. Their strong leadership skills stem from a pragmatic approach to solving problems. That being said, they have little-to-no temper for those who slack. If you happen to anger Paintbrush... run.

—Inanimate Insanity Site, 2018


Paintbrush is known for their unique abilities, such as:

  • Combustible Hair: Paintbrush's bristles react to their emotions and can glow with heat, as seen various times. If angered enough, Paintbrush's hair can ignite into flames.


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Vote Status

Season 1 Votes

Episode EP # Votes Total Votes Percentage
"A Lemony Lesson" 2 0 7 0%
"The Arena Of Death" 3 0 6 0%
"The Stacker" 5 33 265 12.45%
"Aquatic Conflict" 11 93 to 104 364 26% to 29%
Total Number of Season 1 Votes: 126 to 137

Season 2 Votes

Episode EP # Votes Total Votes Percentage
"Marsh on Mars" 2 88 2,498 3.52%
"Tri Your Best" 3 172 3,021 5.69%
"Let 'Er R.I.P." 6 946 4,211 22.46%
"Everything's A-OJ" 7 791 4,300 18.39%
"Alternate Reality Show" 12 3 4,303 37.5%
Total Number of Season 2 Votes: 2,000
Total Number of Votes Combined: 2,126 to 2,137

Voice Actors

  • Taylor Grodin (US/UK/AU/CAN)
  • Jojo93able (Italy)


  • Running Gag: Paintbrush has asked questions that have been interrupted and un-answered in various episodes.
    • The origin of their initial question has been linked back to Lightbulb's secondary appearance in "The Crappy Cliff."
    • However, Paintbrush has forgotten a question, only to remember as soon as MePhone’s sentence was finished.
  • Paintbrush has survived being the bottom two in Inanimate Insanity II more times than any other character, at two times.
  • According to Taylor on Tumblr:
    • If Paintbrush had an Animal Crossing personality, it would be Cranky.
    • If they had Pokemon types, they would be Normal/Fire.
    • If they had a Pokemon partner, it would be Camerupt.
    • If they had a Pokemon ability, it would be Anger Point.
  • The concept of Paintbrush's bristles igniting in fury was originally conceived as being like a "wacky cartoon cliche" before it became more meaningful to their character.
  • Paintbrush is the only Bright Lights member who has never sat out of a challenge.
  • Paintbrush is currently the only character who is non-binary.
    • Marshmallow apparently thought Paintbrush was a boy when Apple thought Paintbrush was a girl.
    • Paintbrush was mostly referred to as a female to Lightbulb, up until they opened up to her about their gender.
    • Test Tube thought Paintbrush was a girl before Fan mentioned that they were a boy.
    • Nickel thought that Paintbrush was a male.
    • In Season 1 Knife was thinking that Paintbrush was a boy but in Season 2 Knife portrayed Paintbrush a girl.
    • MePad has referred to them using both Mr. and Ms. simultaneously.
  • According to Taylor, at the start of the series, Paintbrush essentially had no gender, as it had not yet been decided by the crew.
    • Paintbrush's whole "deal" was the fact that their gender was a mystery and up to viewer interpretation. Taylor says that this bothered him because there was more to Paintbrush than their gender. However, everybody on the crew slowly began to figure out that their gender was simply "neither", and simultaneously agreed upon it as such.
  • While Paintbrush has the tallest body/asset of all characters, they themselves are only the second-tallest character because, according to the Official Unofficial Size Chart, Baseball has longer legs.
    • Additionally, they are also the thinnest character.
  • As stated by Adam in a vlog and Taylor in a Tumblr post, Paintbrush's original voice actor disappeared, resulting in Taylor taking the role.
  • Paintbrush was the first confirmed contestant in Inanimate Insanity II.
  • Inanimate Insanity's channel revealed they identify as non-binary, as seen on Alternate Reality Show's pinned comment on YouTube.
  • Paintbrush was the first character to be declared safe from elimination in Inanimate Insanity II.
  • They are always focusing on keeping their bristles straight and smooth.
  • Paintbrush keeps Baxter safe in their hotel room. However, they are slightly distrustful of others touching or holding him, as Lightbulb would be so upset if she found out something happened to Baxter.
  • Paintbrush is now learning how to control their rage, and to focus on that, they host weekly arts and crafts classes at Hotel OJ to control it.
    • However, if things go wrong, Hotel OJ has fire extinguishers to take care of the job.
  • Paintbrush got eighth-to last in Inanimate Insanity. Coincidentally, they got 8th place in Inanimate Insanity II.
  • Paintbrush is one of few characters to get a total number of votes ending in three zeros, as they got 2000.


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