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Paintbrush tells Apple the truth.

This article focuses on the interactions between Paintbrush and Apple.

Episodes Suggesting A Friendship

In War De Guacamole, Paintbrush is excited that Team Epic has finally won a challenge and that they win Apple onto their team.

In 4Seeing The Future, near the end of the challenge, Apple tells Paintbrush that they need to think of something quick to get across the quicksand. She then realizes to mimic Marshmallow's strategy when she threw her earlier, and kicks Salt into the quicksand. They both jump onto her and across to the other side and win immunity.

In The Snowdown, Paintbrush and Apple, along with Marshmallow, sit by a warm fire together. Later, they try to fix Apple by dressing up as Santa to trick her, for her own good. When Apple tries to sit on "Santa"'s lap, Marshmallow is knocked off of Paintbrush. Paintbrush sadly admits to Apple that they were tricking her.

Episodes Suggesting A Conflict

In Sugar Rush, while looking for candy, Apple finds garbage and throws the candy she was holding over her shoulder, and it happens to hit Paintbrush far behind her. Later, when Apple turns in her garbage, Paintbrush catches one of the cans and angrily throws it at her, considering it's not candy and as revenge for earlier.

In The Snowdown, when Apple states that she is awaiting her pony from Santa, Paintbrush angrily yells that there is no such thing as Santa Claus. When Marshmallow scolds him, he/she states that it is after all true. They later try to fool her by impersonating Santa, although with good intentions.

In Aquatic Conflict, Apple says she hopes that Paintbrush will be eliminated. Paintbrush angrily calls Apple a brat and says (s)he wishes Santa took her with him, leading Apple to yell "Hey!" As it turned out, Paintbrush was indeed eliminated.